How to Pick Up a Weather Station for your Motorhome

How to Pick Up a Weather Station for your Motorhome

Feb 8, 2019, 5:08:43 AM Tech and Science

Endless roads, freedom and breathtaking views. You will experience all of these by going on motorhome travel. However, it is worth remembering that you should prepare yourself adequately before such a journey. One of the most important aspects when travelling by motorhome is to be ready for any weather conditions. For this purpose, it is worth having a personal weather station that will show you the current weather conditions prevailing outside our vehicle.

What is a Weather Station?

Does your interest in the weather go beyond the question of whether it will be sunny today? Then a weather station offers you an answer to everything you want to know. If you're going to buy a weather station for your motorhome, the most important question is how detailed you want to measure the weather conditions. For that, it is good to know what is possible and on which points weather stations differ from each other.

Standard Functions of a Weather Station

Weather conditions depend on countless factors. With a weather station, you can measure and track all those different elements of the weather yourself. It can be beneficial during a motorhome journey.  Most stations have the following standard functions:


Measure the indoor and outdoor temperature.


Measure the humidity inside and outside.


Measure the air pressure inside and outside.

Rain gauge

Measure how much rain falls or will fall.

Types of Weather Stations

As you can see, there are several exciting functions to look at if you want to purchase a weather station. In addition to those functions, it is also good to think about the kind of weather station that you want. There are three types of weather stations available.

Analog Weather Station

You can encounter them in older interiors, from those massive wooden shelves with different meters on them. These are classic analogue weather stations, but nowadays they are also more modern versions available. The data is accurate but is often limited to temperature, humidity and air pressure. 

Digital Weather Station

Would you like to know more about the weather? Then buy a digital weather station. With this, you have a large amount of data, which you can clearly read from a display. In many cases, it is also possible to view this data on a PC or laptop. There are even weather stations with their own app for your smartphone or tablet! The information for your weather overview is collected by sensors that you place outside, which are now wireless in most cases. Digital weather stations are perfect for travellers.

Radio Controlled Weather Station

Do you find it interesting to view current weather data, but are you also curious about the developments in the short term? Then you should check a radio-controlled weather station. Just like a digital weather station, it records a large amount of data about the weather. Also, radio-controlled weather stations receive data from professional weather stations, on which the weather forecast is based. Radio-controlled weather stations also have a DFC clock, which is controlled by an atomic clock. Sounds amazing, right?

Which Weather Station would Best Fit a Motorhome?

You now know what is possible with a weather station and what types there are. With that knowledge in your pocket, you can determine what a good weather station is for you and your motorhome. Do you just have to know what the temperature is and do you sometimes look at the humidity? Then an analogue weather station is actually everything you need. Limited in the amount of data, but well organised and also cheap compared to the more advanced weather stations.

Are you a bit more curious, then you better buy a digital weather station. This gives you insight into all factors that play a role in the weather, from temperature to UV radiation and wind force. You can easily read all that information from the digital display, and often you can also view and process the data on your PC or laptop.

Do you not only want to know everything about today's weather but also about the weather of tomorrow? Then a radio-controlled weather station helps you with accurate data that is forwarded from the professional weather stations. The built-in receiver also has a connection to the atomic clock in Frankfurt, so you always have the exact time. A radio-controlled weather station is therefore ideal if you really want to know everything down to the smallest details.  For this reason, radio-controlled weather station might be the best option for motorhome travel. Knowing tomorrow's weather is quite essential while planning a journey.

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