How to Protect Your Home From Burglars

How to Protect Your Home From Burglars

Feb 12, 2019, 11:46:52 PM Opinion

Are you planning to take a few days off of your busy schedule and head somewhere quiet and serene to enjoy the upcoming holidays? Yet you are concerned due to hearing multiple burglary instances in your area since last week. However, with one of these 24/7 alarm monitoring systems, you will certainly spend the vacation with a bit more enthusiasm and excitement.

With burglaries becoming increasingly common and standing at an alarming 830.4 instances per 100,000 inhabitants, and 795.5 instances per 100,000 inhabitants in New Mexico and Florida respectively, the reason behind your anxiety is understandable.

Precautionary Measures Against Burglaries

However, you can take matters into your own hands and prevent from falling victim to such unfortunate events. The rest of the article will guide you step-by-step on different precautionary measures against burglaries. 

The underlying question is, “how do I ensure a 24/7 alarm monitoring system for my property?”

Being a criminal investigator, I had the opportunity to interview a robber once. So, continue reading below if you wish to catch a glimpse into the mind of a convicted felon.

  1. Refrain from growing tall shrubs on your property, especially close to the windows or doors as anyone can easily conceal themselves.
  2. Install motion sensor floodlights outside your property, so you will know immediately if anybody’s stalking on your property at night.
  3. It’s always safer to not flaunt the latest LCD or perhaps, a brand new car you have bought recently. Draw the blinds to your living room and keep your car parked inside the garage for safety.
  4. If you have installed security devices on your property, make sure you have put stickers saying, “Big Brother Is Watching You”, so they know that they are being watched.

Motion Sensors Implantation

In addition to all these precautionary measures, you could choose to invest in a 24/7 alarm monitoring device for an added layer of security. These devices are sophisticated enough to understand the difference between leaving a window open intentionally and breaking it forcefully.

There are also motion sensors highly sensitive that you could consider for your property, place them near the main entrances to your house by programming these machines to become active during a specific period of time, perhaps when you go to sleep.

Besides motion detectors, you can place more lights surrounding the perimeter of your house. Naturally, with abundant light sources perpetrators are less likely to target that property.

Keep Track of Visitors to Your House

Also, try placing high tech 24/7 alarm monitoring devices to secure your house, you also have to be closely aware of who gets in or out of your property. If you’re going to let a technician or a maid enter your house, make sure you have performed a thorough background check. Do not hesitate to ask for employee ID so you could cross-check their info. Most importantly, avoid accepting unsolicited help from strangers. Oftentimes, burglars and thieves will dress up like civilized people and appear on your doorstep, to try and coerce their way inside your living space. Unless you haven’t called up for such services, don’t even consider allowing them on your porch.

“Big Brother is Watching You…”

Of course, by sticking warning signs that say, “Big Brother is watching you” or perhaps, “This area is under close observation” all over your property, it will definitely remind any potential burglar to think twice before committing anything illegal.

Furthermore, you need to be always on the lookout for overgrown bushes, broken fences and/or dysfunctional locks, including broken windows/glasses on your property. By trimming the extra layer of bushes surrounding the lawn, you eliminate hiding spots for burglars. Door locks usually wear off with prolong usage; therefore, make sure you have replaced them with newer and sturdier bolts or locking mechanisms.


The purpose of this guide is not meant to hit you with paranoia but simply remind you of various techniques that will safeguard your property once you decide to implement them. If you are planning to take a vacation then inform your neighbor before you depart, so they could keep an eye out for your property. If you have burglar alarms installed on your property, make sure you have also informed the company from whom you bought as well as installed the device(s) with.

Provide them with an emergency contact number just in case they might have to reach you.

Most importantly, refrain from posting on social media while you are traveling, wait till you get back before uploading pictures. Social media platforms aren’t going to be respectful about your privacy; moreover, seeing you away out of your own house will make your property an easy target for burglars.

Published by Umar Bajwa

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