Nations Across The Globe Where Vaping is Illegal

Nations Across The Globe Where Vaping is Illegal

Feb 14, 2019, 3:12:19 AM News

While many nations have made the possession of an e-cigarette legal, there are still a lot many countries that are strict when it comes to the matter of vaping. It may be because of the study that was published by the World Health Organization claiming that there may be no help provided to a smoker by an e-cigarette to get rid of their habit of smoking, and ever since many countries have become strict about its use.

While some of your friends and colleagues will claim that they never had a problem sneaking in an e-cigarette into a nation that has a strict law against them. But it is never actually worth a risk and ruins your entire vacation due to an e-cigarette. A puff of smoke may cause damage that will be beyond repair.

Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore have imposed a pretty tough law to be strict on travelers possessing e-cigarettes.

Parts of India, Lebanon, and Cambodia also have some strict laws over vaping that will end up in a hefty penalty to anyone who possesses an e-cigarette.

There may exist some grey areas around the laws about vaping in any nation. The legalization of vaping and e-cigarettes may be different for each country. It might be okay for you to find vape deals, own an e-cigarette and practice vaping in your homeland, but here are a few nations to keep in mind while traveling or going on a vacation where you must not pack your e-cigarette.


The South American nation has had a ban on vaping ever since the year 2011. The purchase, sale, and import of e-cigarettes cannot be done legally. Even the e-cigarettes that are nicotine free are banned.


It is another South American country where the sale and manufacture of e-cigarettes are forbidden. The Brazilian government imposed the ban on e-cigarettes in the year 2014. It has been known that if anyone is caught in possession of an e-cigarette, they have been handed out fines to pay.


Brunei is a Southeast Asian country where vaping has been illegal ever since the year 2010. Any person caught using an e-cigarette or vaping in a non-smoking area is dealt with a hefty fine of $300 (€256) for their first offense, or $500 (€427) if it a subsequent crime. Personal use is not specified as illegal, but travelers must be cautious as it is better to be safe than sorry.


While there may exist some areas partially-strict on the vaping law, e-cigarettes have been banned ever since 2015. Those who enter the nation with an e-cigarette in possession will have them taken away at customs.


India has prohibited the use of e-cigarettes in 6 out of their 29 states. It is illegal to have an e-cigarette in the states of Punjab, Jammu, Kashmir, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Karnataka. There was a case where a man in Punjab was sentenced to serve 3 years in jail for the possession and sale of vapes in the year 2016.


This might be the country with the most confusion about the grey areas in the law. Even though travelers may report that e-cigarettes are available for sale openly in many tourist areas and many e-cigarette cafes operate as well in Bali, but vaping is banned by law in the country.


The Malaysian laws that govern vaping may prove to be quite confusing for travelers. Even though no nationwide ban exists on vaping, many states like Sembilan, Terengganu, Kedah, Negeri, Kelantan, and Johor have a ban on their sale. Vaping is an illegal offense in places like gas stations, parks, and public buildings in Selangor and could result in a huge fine of $2,300 (€1964) or facing up to 2 years in prison.


Anything resembling a tobacco product but is actually not one is illegal and hence must not be imported or sold in Mexico. Thus e-cigarettes are banned. Even though it has been known that many tourists have entered Mexico without facing any difficulties, there are still cases of authorities seizing e-cigarettes for several reasons.


Any product that contains nicotine is illegal in Norway. However, if the citizens possess a medicinal note that proves that an e-cigarette is essential for them to quit smoking, they are allowed to import them. Travelers are not allowed to carry e-cigarettes into Norway.


It is another Southeast Asian country with strict vaping laws. E-cigarettes are forbidden in the nation and anyone caught in possession of one can end up spending up to 4 months in jail.


Ever since 2010, all the types of vaping devices, supplies and their equipment have been illegal to use, buy or sell. E-cigarettes are considered contraband and are confiscated at customs. You may be charged a large sum of $5000 (€4270) for your first offense.


It is one of the strictest countries when it comes to vaping. If anyone is caught in possession of an e-cigarette, they may be fined and may end up facing a ten-year prison sentence.

These countries may not essentially be on your vacation list, but with the number of e-cigarette user increasing and countries being very strict about their laws, it is better to be safe than sorry. Your perfect vacation may turn into a trip to hell in a matter of seconds.

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