Switching From Smoking to Vaping: What to Expect?

Switching From Smoking to Vaping: What to Expect?

Feb 14, 2019, 3:23:17 AM Opinion

If you have finally decided to make the switch over from Smoking to Vaping, be it for your family, your friends or yourself, you deserve a pat on the back. It takes much courage to try to quit a habit as addictive as smoking, but it has very high returns that are almost instantly noticeable.

It may be an overused statement, but smoking kills. What most people do not know that there is a third word in that statement, “slowly.” Smoking destroys your lungs, which harms your blood supply, thereby affecting other organs, which in the end ruin your body. Making the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to using an e-cigarette is very helpful to get rid of the toxins that exist in your blood because of the tobacco intake over the years of smoking.

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8 Hours

Yes, you may notice changes even as soon as 8 hours from when you stop smoking! The number of oxygen levels in your blood will rise to a reasonable level. This will make you feel much better overall.

The first big advantage of vaping through e-cigarettes is that it does not contain Carbon Monoxide that is found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. This gives your body a chance to begin the process of detoxifying the already existing carbon monoxide in the blood so that you can have increased levels of oxygen in your blood.

24 Hours

By the time that the first 24 hours are up since you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, your body will have completed the process of detoxifying and removing all the carbon monoxide that existed in your system. Now your lungs will begin start to detoxify and star to get rid of the mucus and toxic debris that had accumulated in your blood from all those years of smoking.

This is only made possible because you are no longer forcing your body to inhale such harmful toxins and increasing the amount of carbon monoxide and other toxic substances in your body. Since the e-cigarettes do not contain any toxins like traditional cigarettes, this provides your body with the opportunity to heal itself finally.

48 Hours

You will start feeling thankful that you finally made this decision by the time the first 48 hours have passed. All the detoxification of your blood and cleansing and healing of your lungs will substantially improve the quality of life that you live. By the second day has passed, you will start to notice that your senses have started improving. You will feel that you can taste foods and drinks in a much better way. As an added bonus, your ability to smell will also see significant improvement as you start to notice all these different types of smells in and around your house.

This is made possible because your body has been able to repair the receptors in your nose and tongue which has given you a much better sense of taste and smell. You can enjoy food even more now and actually taste the different types of beverages you taste and notice the difference in smells of everyday objects around you. This will have a huge mental impact on your life.

72 Hours

It has been 3 days since you quit smoking and started vaping, you should be proud of yourself. It takes patience and strength to achieve this, and it will be worth the effort it took to make the switch from smoking to vaping.

Most of the people who make the switch over to vaping notice that their breathing has had noticeable improvements in the last 3 days. They will feel that it is much easier to breathe with the cleansing of the lungs, and as you have not exposed yourself to that tar that clogged your respiratory system. The tubes will relax, and your breathing process will become more comfortable and stable. This gives you more energy, and hence you can participate in more activities and get more work done in a day without feeling exhausted.

Social and Financial Benefits

As you start vaping and stop smoking, you will gravitate around people who do the same. You will talk about it in your workplace and discuss it with your friends or neighbors. This gives you the opportunity to meet new people and socialize. Having friends and colleagues to support you through the transition is very helpful as it will make sure you don’t relapse.

When a pack-a-day smoker makes the switch to e-cigarettes, they will save roughly $4,000 on expenses on their smoking needs. With vapes, you get to try out a variety of flavors and choose as you like.

The Long Run

With your switch over to vaping, as months go by, you will notice wheezing, and coughing has almost vanished, and you will have a much easier time breathing than you used to do a couple of months ago. Switching to vaping will make it much easier for you to get back to some sports activities that you used to enjoy growing up or pick up any new hobbies such as running or cycling.

Within 5 years, your risk of having a heart attack will be reduced to half. In another 5 years, the chances of developing lung cancer are also reduced to half. This all is made possible because of the absence of carcinogenic toxins in vapes.

Every cigarette that you do NOT smoke is a blessing for you!

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