The Most Friendly Countries for Motorhome Travellers

The Most Friendly Countries for Motorhome Travellers

Feb 12, 2019, 8:49:41 PM Life and Styles

Are you a real motorhome travelling enthusiast? With your own motorhome, you are outlawed. You go where you want, and you choose where you sleep. Whoever selects a holiday with the motorhome will resolutely draw the card of freedom. Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular. That is why we searched and found the most friendly countries for motorhome travellers.


Would you like to travel through Slovenia with your motorhome?

Slovenia is one of the rawest countries in Europe. The green land has beautiful nature that calls to be discovered. Slovenia is located in central Europe on the southern edge of the Alps and is a member of the European Union. It has many beautiful dense forests, and it is very mountainous. Besides appealing nature, the country also offers fascinating cities. The capital Ljubljana is definitely worth a visit. Be sure to drive along the lake of Bled. Many roads meander between mountains and nature reserves making discovering the country by motorhome delicious.

The United States

The United States is a country of natural wonders that seems tailor-made. For this reason, you will find the best motorhome rental points in any corner of the country.

The mythical and legendary Route 66, which connects Los Angeles and Chicago, takes you through the heart of the country, where you can enjoy some of the most iconic landscapes, such as the Grand Canyon. Once in Los Angeles, the Pacific Coast Highway, the road that follows the entire west coast of the country, is almost mandatory. The truth is that the United States has plenty of road trips to discover. Are you ready to hit the road?

Norway and Sweden

It is one of the most desired countries for the motorhome trip. The roads between the Norwegian fjords are jam-packed with landscapes that take your breath away. Norway may be cold, but the magnificent rough landscapes make up for that. You can camp for free in nature as long as you stick to certain rules. We recommend a road trip through the imposing mountains, the deep fjords and along the long wild sandy beaches. Only the sound of the seabird colonies breaks through the silence. The Atlantic road is one of those places that must be travelled at least once in a lifetime. Hold on tight to the wheel!


During a great trip through Iceland, you can admire the fjords, peninsulas, cities and a variety of incredible landscapes. The road No. 1, known as Ring Road, covers about 1,300 kilometres and is open all year. The trail crosses the whole island, and it guarantees the traveller to be dazzled by the spectacular Icelandic landscape: glaciers, lakes, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls. Iceland is a gift for the eyes.

England and Scotland

Do you like to celebrate your holiday in a green environment? Then the countries of England and Scotland are the perfect destinations for your motorhome holiday. During a journey through these countries, you enjoy long stretches of road along rocky coasts and through green landscapes. In addition, England and Scotland have numerous, well-equipped campsites that you can enjoy during your travel.


Motorhome trips are almost legendary on the other side of the Atlantic. The wild territories of Alaska are remarkable, and they seduce many motorhome enthusiasts. Diverse camp-sites are entirely dedicated to motorhome travellers, and they include all essential infrastructures to maintain and to pamper motorhomes!


Ireland is an unknown pearl that you have to explore dozens and dozens of times before you can begin to "really" know it. So, did you know that the Wild Atlantic Way is one of the most beautiful roads in Europe, offering incredible views of the west coast of the country? What are you waiting for?


Travelling abroad is always an adventure that takes shape according to the profile of those who create it. Some will go to the backpacker mode, others will choose to go on an organised tour when a majority favours customised plans. Are you motorhome enthusiast, who like to travel and stay at home at the same time? Have you, after reading about these friendly countries, started imagining your ideal motorhome trip? Then start making plans today!

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