Top 5 Retro Games That You’d Love to Play Again

Top 5 Retro Games That You’d Love to Play Again

Jul 30, 2018, 5:50:47 PM Entertainment

Old games are always in our minds. The new games have very nice graphics, but the old games were more exciting. Who can forget the games of our childhood memories?  We will present you some famous old games in this article. If you like, you can find similar games on G2K site.

1.Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario 3 was one of the best and most popular games, it was introduced by Nintendo which are pretty much the inventors of the platform game. After this one, there was another that was also famous and named as Super Mario World. These were two of the best games of the time. There were many other games at that day like Cape Feather, the Super leaf, Yoshi, The Frog Suit or SMB3 but none of these games stood in comparison with Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World.

2.Sensible Soccer

There are many people that like to compete in soccer games like FIFA or Pro Evo. Although these may be some of the best games, but this a generation that has competed on a different game known as Sensible Soccer. It was the big game of the day and was amazingly addictive. The versus mode made you stick to the console for longer than you usually do.


Who doesn’t like a game with cars? While you may be playing games like Need for Speed today, there were some games a long time ago that gave the players a fun driving experience, well they thought so. Outrun was a game with a beautiful car, a high-end car, a pretty blue sky and a long trip to the horizon. The game was pretty much what you wanted it to be at that time.

4.Super Mario Kart    

Everybody loves their Favorite Mario Kart. It’s aged perfectly and has come a long way. The game is everybody’s favorite, it may be the MK64 with the 4-player mode for a multiplayer experience for when your friends come over, or it might be the Double Dash with the mayhem causing weaponized mode. There are very less people that may think of it as a game that wouldn’t make to the top spot.


It’s the simplest game ever, and people still love it. You just have to place blocks in the right position. It’s funny to think that a game like this which was played on a device that couldn’t show more than four shades of grey is one of the best and the most popular games ever.

There are many other GBA games that are eligible for the list, there are many people that still play these games and enjoy the nostalgic feeling.

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