What Is Offshore Outsourcing-Definition and Benefits

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What Is Offshore Outsourcing-Definition and Benefits

Mar 9, 2022, 6:35:31 AM Business

Is it necessary for companies to outsource? Businesses might need outsourcing options due to several reasons. Software development is a sensitive process for companies, and that’s whyoutsourcing competency is required. According to management experts, outsourcing offers many advantages to the company when done right. Its prominent benefit is increasing competitive advantage by making business operations more efficient, effective, and higher quality. Offshoreoutsourcing involves recruiting a third-party supplier to perform operations from an outside country. Let’s learn how offshore outsourcing works.

Among all outsourcing types, is offshore outsourcing the best?

You can outsource your business activities and customer operations in many ways. The difficult part is choosing which outsourcing solution is excellent for your services or products. You have options like offshore outsourcing, onshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing, or combining all of them. Every outsourcing business has an advantage and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s important to implement the right choice to help your business optimize its operations and offer incredible customer experiences. So many shores prove to be useful, but offshore is a trusted option for a reason. Increased culture of remote working has made business leaders look for the right talents across continents to complement the services they receive from their local professionals. That’s where offshore outsourcing comes as a perfect alternative for companies that want to experience the awesomeness of outsourcing from another country.

How does offshore outsourcing work?

Offshore outsourcing helps businesses develop, deliver, and control IT services with minimum costs. It’s usually done through discovering and shortlisting service providers from the internet and reaching out to them via phone, email, or VoIP. The service provider and client will set an agreement, and then the contractor will deliver the settled services remotely. Offshore can be in the form of software development, website design development, network administration, customer service, content writing, and other assistive services. North American companies are popular for IT-related offshore outsourcing.

Types of offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is categorized into three; software outsourcing, infrastructure, and technology outsourcing, and business process outsourcing (BPO).

Ideally, organizations outsource some of their important processes, but not operations that are vital for their existence. Processes such as payroll processing and customer support are outsourced to minimize costs. BPO is further divided into front office and back office outsourcing. The front office involves outsourcing the company’s customer support services and call center while the latter is outsourcing the enterprise’s internal roles.

          Internal operations can benefit from offshore outsourcing: finance and accounting services, help desks, and call centers. Infrastructure and technology outsourcing includes supportive services to the organization, such as technology services and networking. Russia, India, and China are popular providers of software development services.

Benefits of offshore outsourcing


Provides faster services

By researching thoroughly on the internet, you may find a specialized and remote offshore outsourcer with the talent and resources your business needs to complete a project more efficiently and faster.

Offers access to outside expertise

Offshore outsourcing gives companies the privilege to work with IT experts who have special skills that the company lacks.

Global competitiveness

North American companies are well known for their excellent offshore outsourcing services. Allowing these companies to expand their operations in your organization will help your business remain at the top in a highly competitive global marketplace.

Cost savings

Adding offshore outsourcing services will help a company save money if it can access low foreign costs and less overhead. Contracting with a service provider from another country minimizes lower overhead charges and eliminates the necessity for additional in-house workers.

Frees up in-house resources

By transferring some workload to outside outsourcers, businesses can shift their focus to other operations and growth strategies, leading to better performance in the organization.

What other reasons make companies offshore?

·      Grab on local market opportunities

·      Cheaper capital equipment

·      Increased speed to market

·      Access to a bigger workforce

·      Better and favorable government and regulatory policies

·      Increased flexibility

·      Experience worldwide talent

Are there any risks involved with offshore outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing boosts the global economy and allows a company to reap various benefits. However, moving some part of your business internationally comes with these risks:

·      Integration difficulties

·      Language barriers

·      Unforeseen costs

·      Loss of oversight and control

·      Quality checks

·      Possible chances of losing the power of intellectual property

·      Possible slowdowns

How to choose offshore outsourcing

A lot of decision-making is required before resolving to offshore outsourcing. You have to make sure you have answers to the following questions;

·      Is it necessary to scale your team?

·      How much capital can you cover for operational costs?

·      Do you have in mind a talent pool that specializes in certain skills your business needs?

·      How can you attract specialists from another country to work with you?

·      Will offshore outsourcing improve your product quality?

·      Where will you offshore to?

·      What government and regulatory policies are associated with the country you want to offshore to?

·      Generally, is it more convenient to offshore some of your business operations, or are in-house services better?

As a business founder, you should answer these questions before considering moving operations. Ensure you cover all points to avoid possible challenges in the future. Certain companies tried offshoring and failed, while others succeeded, expanded their opportunities, and earned more global experience. Examples of companies that are successful with offshoring include;

Ford Motor Company

FMC’s software development centers control its global e-commerce solutions based in India. It offshores its IT services, software development, and customer support.


Amazon is a worldwide recognized brand known for its great capabilities in providing customer support. In 2018, the company decided to offshore its talent in the Philippines and successfully handle clients in the UK and North America.

General Electric(GE)

Its research and development center is in India. Its center communicates with GE’s international branches, partners, suppliers, customers, and other technology stations.


A business that offshores might succeed or fail. It depends on the planning and criteria used in decision-making. Yes, offshore outsourcing is a good solution, but have you considered if it’s the best approach for your company? An advice we can give you is to plan a strategic move for your business. Be mindful of the possible risks that you might experience along the way. 

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