How to Make a Successful Web Design From Scratch?

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When asked a web developer about the most intimidating part of a project, the answer would be very commonly – the way to get started. Imagine that you are sitting at your table with nothing but a cup of coffee and also a business card of the clients who are looking forward to designing a corporate website. No doubt that business cards can speak volumes about the identity of the brands and can also become an inspiration to start, but yet then, starting the designing can be challenging.

However, when you are handed with a card that has no characters but just the black and white letters, what about those? It seems like a big canvas and you don’t know exactly where to start and what to start with. In such cases, you can look for the critical inputs from the client directly about the company and gather enough information so that you are able to continue working and eventually offering a successful design. 

Irrespective of the artistic talent that a design possesses can eventually come up with designs that will look great. All you need is working knowledge and experience in the basic layout. Working with the best website development company in Kolkata can be a valuable choice. Therefore, let us have a look at some of the basics that you will need to focus on to create a strong foundation that is necessary to a general quality website.

The Process of Design:

Website design is a double-edged sword. This is the process that falls between science, art, and also problem-solving. No doubt, you will be looking forward to creating an individual website that is aesthetically pleasing but will also be able to surpass the needs of the clients in terms of functionality.

The needs can vary from being elaborative and lofty or can be just making it available. In case the designers fail to listen, the project will certainly fall. The process can be categorized into discovery, exploration, and also implementation.


Discovery is about meeting your client and understanding their business activity. Sometimes they might act weird or non cooperative, gathering information about the client and their business can be a valuable choice to create an effective and appropriate design.

Before you are going to sit with the client for the first time, you must make proper research of the company and their business genre. Getting an idea about the way their business works can help you to have a more detailed idea.

If they have approached you for website design, chances are there that they do not have a website but then again try searching to gain an understanding of the vertical. You might be sometimes asked to sit for the meeting over phone or video or face to face. Choose to your comfort but make sure you ask the required.


You have to keep in mind that this meeting is no more about impressing the client or selling a website or your skills, but it is about interacting and establishing the needs and wants of the client. Try to be a better listener than being a speaker. You can either make a note of everything or simply record the needs of the clients to make it a success.

Client Meetings are a Must!:

There is no hard and fast rule that the client meetings need to be handled in the office. You can use a café as well to discuss the needs. However, for the corporate meeting, you can choose more corporate culture that can give you the right place and ambiance to discuss.

But as mentioned, you have to make a note of the question after making research. This will help you to gather the answers before designing.

If it is a New Designing Project:

1. Please explain the activities your company is into

2. What is your designation in the agency?

3. Do you have a brand logo?

4. Why do you need to get the website designed immediately?

5. What information do you want to include online that can be valuable?

6. What are the competitors? Do they have websites as a reference?

7. Do you have any examples or websites that you don’t like?

If it is a Redesigning Project:

1. What does your visitor usually look for when they visit your site?

2. What problems are you facing with the website design?

3. What goals do you want to achieve from redesigning?

4. Which element do you want to get rid of from the current design?


These are only some of the questions that you can ask. However, as per the industry vertical, you can make your own set of questions that you feel will be valuable for your purpose. Don’t make it too big as it might become a killer but keep it short yet informative that can full up your requirements.



The very next step to making the design is to bring information back to the lab where you can make further analysis. You have got the information from the business owner and now you have put your feet on the shoes of the visitors before designing the website. You have to ask yourself what they are looking for and what type of design can be effective for the visitors?

You can make use of two essential tools that you have been overlooking all these days are sticky notes and scrap paper. You can make the bits of the website depending on the gathered information and also thinking from the customer’s perspective. Start from a section of the website and then take time to move ahead to sections but make sure you have the information in your head provided by the client.

Remember there is no hard and fast rule to start and end – it always depends on you. You can start from where you feel can be comfortable and easy for you. Most of the website development company in Kolkata follow this simple technique for a successful result.


Now that you have got the information from the clients and you have made a sketch of the way you will work; you have to start with the implementation process. This is where your creativity begins as you have to now hit the field now. Irrespective of the project, try not to get caught up in between the technologies that are available in the market for building websites. At least try to follow this at first, later you can use something that you feel can be valuable.

At this point, do not use paper, as then you will not be able to understand the technical limitations that come with CSS and browsers. You can start by sketching the layouts. Later you start producing a few, you need to decide on one and then use Photoshop and/ Once you have well-designed the layout, you can keep experimenting with the back and foreground colors until you have got something that you feel seems beautiful on the website and with the industry.

Sounds very simple, right? Okay, so why don’t you start?

However, no doubt you might be wondering what exactly is a good design? So, before we conclude, let us take another look at the answer.

What is a Good Design?:

There are two basic ways that actually become a point to understand if the website design is good and not. Their usability angle focuses on functionality which is also an effective way of information. After functionality, comes the aesthetically pleasing which means that the website must have the artistic take that can make the design visually appealing.

Only the top web development company in Kolkata understands the value of keeping the balance.

In order to enjoy attention from visitors, you have to make sure that your website both in the right amount, No must not overdo one and forget about another – this can actually erode everything.

The most crucial point that you require keeping in mind is communication. Creating a website that presents information just perfectly. Similarly, you must not be too harsh on functionality that makes it inaccessible for everyone – as you must know that there are both novice and tech-savvy people.

You must know that visitors are looking for content more than design:

You must know that the design of the website should be in a way that the users are able to get their information upon visiting the visit. It should not be like they have to keep surfing to be able to get the information that they are looking for.

Ensure that the website has intuitive navigation that can help users to move from one page to another easily without facing problems. With easy navigation and great content that users can easily acquire, you can improve the website traffic and ranking.


Bottom Line:

So, these are a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to ensuring a good website design. Therefore, it is mostly recommended to choose the top web development company in Kolkata that has the ability to create magnificent designs.

However, if you are a designer or a developer, make sure you have the patience and understanding to keep in mind the needs of the clients and then work on it. 

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