Bye Bye Yaya Toure? And Barcelona have resigned Ronaldinho?!- UG Daily Soccer News Roundup

Bye Bye Yaya Toure? And Barcelona have resigned Ronaldinho?!- UG Daily Soccer News Roundup

Sep 6, 2016, 10:36:17 PM Sport

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Man, Yaya Toure must feel like an unwanted child right now at Manchester City, with his new step-dad Pep Guardiola refusing to choose him in Man CIty's Champions League Squad. But no worries Yaya, your supporters in Africa have said that they will stop watching Man City, and instead support Man Utd! Take that Guardiola!  With Manchester United and Arsenal seemingly interested in the 33-year-old, it seems that there is genuine interest still in the player, but as a warning for whoever he signs for, just remember his birthday ok guys?

In case you haven't heard yet but Barcelona has resigned Ronaldinho!! basically a marketer for their American office as well as Brazil. Good move as I mean who hasn't heard of Ronaldinho right? Lets just hope his tongue is as good as his feet are in the boardrooms...

There are whispers of a king returning to England. Cries can be heard from far off lands, that royalty is heading this way, bringing his talent and stature to the marvellous wet English soil. Get hyped guys. No but seriously why on earth is Nicklas Bendter still a football player and god only knows why Nottingham Forest want to sign him. [Insert 'my gran can play football better than him' joke here]

Meanwhile, the King of Argentina Messi, has recently revealed that his son is 'not that interested in football'. Come on kid, your father is Messi, one of your father's best friend is Sergio Aguero and Argentina great Diego Maradona has already said that he hopes to see his son, Aguero's son and Messi's son play together in the national team one day. So yeah kid, choose your path in life correctly and yeah, no pressure.

I swear can people stop scrutinising every inch of England's performance every time they play. If I was a member of that team I would feel like a rat in a open field, ready to have predators take a bite out of me every time I made a wrong move.Yes it is true that Wayne didn't play well , Kane didn't score again, they got lucky against Slovakia and they only scored once against a team of 10-men, blah blah blah, but please stop trying to analyse every single last part of their game. Geez.

But while the English are slowly tearing apart their national team, the Welsh national team - and by that I mean team Gareth Bale/ Kind of Aaron Ramsey - are more than happy with their team in their performance against Moldova and they must especially be happy to see Welsh Pirlo...uhm sorry I mean Joe Allen... score his first goal for Wales.

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