The Journey, Absteiner's Story

The Journey, Absteiner's Story

May 10, 2017, 5:45:05 AM Religion

Urban Gospel is a genre gradually gaining grounds in Ghana. The youth embraced the genre with so much enthusiasm and this is great news as this genre of music seeks to preach the word of God. Urban Gospel in Ghana basically has to do music done through modern forms of communication such as rap and spoken word. Today, The Urban Gospel Music Blog (UGMB) places the spotlight on one of Ghana's fast emerging acts and his urban gospel journey. Let's take a walk through Absteiner's journey.

I quite remember the first time I heard Frank Edwards’s song titled “You Too Dey Bless Me”. I remember saying to myself, “I love this song”. My love for rap music was quite evidenced during my senior high school days although at that time all I rapped about was hip life. I remember sitting at the back of the class with my friends rapping, giving freestyles and making merry. After hearing Frank Edwards’s song in 2010 I decided to write my own gospel song. I started my gospel journey, my love for urban gospel music started developing.

On one vacation, I turned the television set on and the Preachers were being interviewed. I was so impressed and inspired with what I saw and heard. School rules, academic stress and impending final examinations meant I didn’t have the chance to listen to upcoming urban gospel tracks. Senior high school was finally over; home awaited… the love for the music had gone down. The only thing on my mind now was God, books and football. However one day it hit me, may 2012 to be precise. Hearing one of my siblings play KingzKid’s “Vindicated, Seen The Light and You Too Much” got me nodding and taping my feet in joy. The next moment I found myself listening to all the songs on the Vindicated Album.

Tertiary education was calling, but this time no particular school rules to ban the use of phone, laptops and other technological gadgets. The love for the urban gospel music was rekindled. Songs on Lecare’s Gravity Album was one of the first foreign rap gospel songs I ever heard. I was so moved by the tracks and the lyrics that I told myself gospel rap music was the future, the way foward. Urban gospel was gradually gaining roots in Ghana with the likes of the Royal Priesthood, KingzKid, Preachers amongst a host of others starting to make the waves and taking the nation by storm. Worshiping at the First Love Church, Legon was another eye opening experience. Mad love for KingzKid’s “Rep For The Lord” and not to forget Lil Zig and Muby Dey’s wonderful and breathe taking “Agongon”. I was so happy, inspired and impressed with the songs that I heard that I decided to download them online.

My quest to find these tracks online led me to one of Ghana’s hottest urban gospel music sites “” which was “” at the time. I created my urban gospel music folder and I haven’t turned back since. Listening to songs from Cwesi Oteng, Regardless, KingzKid, Preachers, Royal Priesthood, Lil Zig, Muby Dey, Tosin, Esaias, Perez Musik, Mr. Whyte, Kommit and a host of other amazing urban gospel artistes in Ghana inspired to widen my scope and knowledge about urban gospel music. In the process of widening my knowledge and scope I found other amazing urban gospel music sites such as “” and “” which also severed as a blessing. Acquiring vast knowledge about urban gospel music led me to discover the presence of various urban gospel promoters such as Vbuqs, Jay Smoke, Vivor Eric, Gospel Bluetooth and not to forget the big man himself Sir Parson. I also had the privilege of coming into contact with new urban gospel sensations such as BenjaminTheKid, NanaK, Krixy, Richard Higher Pongo, The Beezz, SwHag Team, AlvinJ, Nuel Triumph, Kluivert amongst a host of others. The urban gospel journey is a story in progress but I believe urban gospel music is the future. The journey so far has never been easy but through all the ups and downs, Jesus still reigns. Turn Up!!!

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