The Corbett Secret

The Corbett Secret

Aug 6, 2016, 6:18:57 AM Creative

If someone needs an out of the world experience, Jim Corbett is the best place. It is so serene and the lush green view soothes the eyes and pacifies the heart. A person can forget all his worries. But why am I saying that ? I don’t know what a worry feels like. I have royal blood in my veins and being audacious is my treasure. But even with all this courage and will , I am never able to see the Jim Corbett roads. I am the only child of my parents and they pamper me so much. Like every parent these days , they are over protective about me. When I revolt , they say that the whole world wants to protect me. My homeland is created just for my protection. I cannot take their words till I see the world myself. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have decided that I will go out of the core jungle and finally have a look at my dream destination – the roads where big metallic vehicles swiftly move around. And best of all , they are stuffed with humans. From my childhood , I have heard stories of humans – good stories , bad stories, scary stories. The crux of all these stories is that I cannot understand what humans are and so once in a lifetime I want to meet them.

Today was the day I will never forget in my life. As planned, I left my cave early morning. Our community has prohibited every one of us to go out of a demarcated boundary because they fear humans. They say that national park is for our protection which was created by good humans but few bad humans misuse it and sell our bodies for pieces of paper. But I am a brave tiger and a tiger cannot succeed till he takes some risk. So after the midnight birthday celebration with a deer cake , I was expecting some more surprises for the day. But I gave that all up for my expedition and left a tidy note on the cave wall for my fellow tigers.

I started running and after a while, I reached the boundary – the line that will carve my destiny. I crossed the boundary with happiness as after that I had no fear of being spotted by other tigers who would drag me home and ruin my plan.

With a sigh of relief , I eased by pace and began exploring my surroundings. They were the same – the same kind of trees , grass , shrubs etc. I walked and walked but the same terrain was visible. It was midday and I was tired of walking. There was no sign of any human. I met a few other animals in the way but they were ignorant of the danger standing in front of them. Some stared me badly and some even gave me a surprised look. They had never seen a tiger because from many years our community had stopped going out of the boundary. And the boundary was really really far from where I stood. I wanted to eat a deer but that could slow down my ability to run.


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Published by Urvashi Pahwa

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