What if we celebrated 'Boss day'?

What if we celebrated 'Boss day'?

Aug 6, 2016, 6:04:53 AM Creative

The word ‘Boss Day’ in itself sounds peculiar and funny. Who would like to celebrate such a day ? Well, a Boss day really exists. It is celebrated in October in the United States, Canada, Lithuania and India. Although it is not popular but it exists.

I have never heard about it but what if we celebrated it with dedication every year?

This day would encourage people to appreciate their bosses. Imagine the purpose of this day was freedom of expression towards your boss. What would happen?

There would be three kinds of people – Let's see how they will celebrate this day

  1. The Lovers – These people who really love their boss are in a minority, but on this day, they will truly appreciate the motivation and encouragement provided to them by their boss. This doesn’t seem a reality because a boss hardly motivates. The one who motivates is a leader and we can actually go ahead celebrating ‘Leader’s day’
  2. The Flatterers – These people will get mad about celebrating this day. They would conjure all kinds of expensive gifts, flashy cards, adulating appreciation messages,  and can even throw out lavish parties to worship their boss. The gifts given will be directly proportional to their annual ratings. Boss day can become a dangerous day for the ordinary and honest, if the boss becomes addicted to such greed.
  3. The Haters – This section of people will be the largest. Most of the people hate their boss for one reason or the other. That is why a famous quote was invented ‘People don’t leave a company, they leave a boss’ , which is true in most cases. These people can utilize this Boss day to vent out their hatred. Their freedom of expression can turn out hateful messages, funny memes , and honest opinions. All the boss jokes would proliferate on whatsapp or facebook. What if a boss enters his cubicle and finds it decorated with funny yet hateful posters ?  Here, celebrating this day would become dangerous for the boss

Thankfully, we are not celebrating this day yet.

  • Disclaimer – Not all bosses are bad, the good ones exist too but they are called ‘Leaders’  . The word bossy means fond of giving people orders; domineering. Hence, your BOSS cannot be good by the definition itself.

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