Premium Quality Basmati Rice Brands in Pakistan

Premium Quality Basmati Rice Brands in Pakistan

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Rice is a seasonal crop that grows only once a year. Rice production is well suited to places with low labor costs and abundant rainfall because it is time-consuming and labor-intensive with a significant supply of water. Pakistan produces approximately 150.000 tons of basmati rice every year, of which 30% is consumed by the population, and the remainder is exported around the world. Basmati rice is well known for its superb cooking qualities, extra long grain, distinct flavor, and nutty scent.

Basmati rice is known as the “King of Rice” due to its unique texture, flavor, and scent. Many brands in Pakistan offer the best premium quality basmati rice. Some of the brands include:

1.    WBM Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice

2.    Agro Hub

3.    SWAD Pakistani Kernel Basmati Rice

4.    White Pearl Basmati Rice

5.    Dawaat Basmati Rice

6.    Falak Basmati Rice

7.     Abdul Sattar Basmati Rice

8.      SF Commodities Basmati Rice

9.      BaKamal Basmati Rice

WBM Himalayan Chef Basmati Rice

Himalayan Chef Basmati rice in Pakistan is a premium variety of rice with extra-long grains and a pleasant natural aroma. The rice comes from the Himalayan foothills and is 100% natural. Basmati rice cooks up light and fluffy and is free from chemicals. This rice is far superior to white long grain rice and goes well with a wide range of Asian cuisines. Himalayan chef rice is of the best quality.

Basmati rice is used in pulao, curries, and biryani and can be served as a main or side dish. The wonderful long grains can be topped or coated with sauces, herbs, and spices. It absorbs less water during cooking, which is why it produces such excellent meals.

Agro Hub

Agro hub offers two types of basmati rice in Pakistan: 1121 basmati rice and Super kernel basmati rice.

  • The flavor of 1121 White basmati rice is nutty and wonderful. They are higher in calories than other brown rice varieties. 1121 basmati rice is 6.55mm in length.
  • Agro hub super kernel basmati rice is long grain rice. The grains are shiny, velvety, and utterly delectable. The average length of super kernel basmati rice is 7-7.22mm.

SWAD Pakistani Kernel Basmati Rice

This is the popular Pakistani basmati rice that comes from the provinces of Punjab and Sindh. This ultra kernel basmati rice produces in the snow-fed Himalayan fields and has a rich delightful aroma. SWAD basmati rice is also known as Kernel basmati and is loved all around the world for its distinct aroma and nutty flavor.

White Pearl Basmati Rice

White pearl basmati rice is superb, single-variety rice that has been aged for 18 months and is grown exclusively in Punjab's luxuriant rice fields. It is a leading brand in Pakistan. The milky color of the basmati rice indicates that it has not been over polished, retaining more nutrients, flavor, and aroma. This assures that the product is of the highest possible standard.

Dawaat Basmati Rice

Dawaat offers four types of basmati rice, and each one has its own specification. These include Biryani Basmati Rice, Super Basmati Rice, Traditional Basmati Rice, and Pulao Basmati Rice.

Ø Dawaat basmati rice is the best rice for biryani. Its grains lengthen to 18-24mm when cooked.

Ø Traditional basmati rice is perfect for cooking a variety of popular recipes since it has been matured for a long time, enhancing its flavor.

Ø Super and Pulao basmati rice is a great option for those people who enjoy plain rice, pulao, and fried rice.

Falak Basmati Rice

The Falak basmati rice is fragrant long grain rice. The long slender grains of the rice elongate at least twice their original size when cooked. The rice has a soft, fluffy texture, a great taste, exceptional aroma, and a distinct flavor. Falak rice is distinguished from other varieties of rice by the length and flavor of its grains.

Abdul Sattar Basmati Rice

They offer D-98 basmati rice, also known as Sindhi basmati rice. This rice is delicious pearl white rice. Sindhi basmati rice is well known for its aroma throughout Europe and the Middle East. It is frequently referred to as the most aromatic basmati rice. Abdul Sattar supplies the best basmati rice while adhering to stringent quality control methods and the best thing about them is that they are free from dirt and stones.

SF Commodities Basmati Rice

In Pakistan, SF Commodities has a large assortment of rice. The average length of their super kernel basmati rice is 7mm. Super Basmati rice distinguish itself from other rice varieties by having exceptionally long grains and a distinct flavor. On the other hand, on cooking, there PK 385 basmati rice expands to a length of 1-3 times than its original size.

BaKamal Basmati Rice

SRM rice mills produce high-grade basmati rice. Their texture and taste are well known in Pakistan. BaKamal basmati rice has a long shelf life and is free from contamination. They are low in fat and had only a trace of polyunsaturated fat. Basmati rice is gluten-free, making it suitable for all people and causing no gastrointestinal issues. There are no hazardous colors, additives, flavoring agents, or preservatives in SRM basmati rice.

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