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"If you never did you should.  These things are fun, and fun is good." - Dr. Suess

Here's how I imagine the morning went for that random hot dad today.

His alarm went off earlier than usual, and he mustered all the energy he could to get out of his super warm and comfortable bed.  After a quick shower, and whatever else his morning routine entails, he runs his fingers through his wet hair, looks at his his reflection and gives himself a go get em' Tiger like grin, and heads down to the kitchen.  There, he pops a k-cup into his Keurig, and starts on his kids' lunches.  Once their lunches are packed with all the fortified proteins, vitamins and fats that they need, he rushes back upstairs, taking two steps at a time because he's hot dad, and wakes his children up for their first day of school.

That's right!  The kids go back to school! Finally.

In addition to re-creating morning routines and after school schedules filled with sports and extracurricular activities, going back to school also means that kids will come in contact with all the germs and sickness he's helped them avoid the past few months.  In order to protect them, and their tiny immune systems, it's important to make sure he, and all other parents, have the right arsenal of tools handy to help their babies when they're feeling down.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.12.23 PMHere are some of my favorite products that help me get through the changing of seasons, the bus rides with sick travelers, going from point A to point B, infecting all the hand rails along the way and, the coworkers who bring their children's flus into the workplace.  In addition to other essential oils, I always carry a bottle of Thieves with me where ever I go.  I have also learned, through trial and error, that the Thieves Spray and Thieves Hand Sanitizer are equally beneficial.  Using the spray bottle or sanitizer after a restroom break, or spraying down any of my office supplies after a sick coworker has used them, has been extremely advantageous to me, and can help teachers who deal with students and their germs on a daily basis.  In addition to keeping all surfaces as clean as possible, adding 1 drop of Thieves to your tea or warm water and drinking that on a daily basis ensures your immune system gets the additional support it needs.

(To learn more about the benefits of Thieves, take a look at my articles titled Pay The Farmer Now or The Pharmacist Later  and My Special Tea & Essential Oil Potion)

For our, well really my, imaginary hot dad to actually enjoy some time to himself this school year, without sick babies, he knows how important it is to incorporate Thieves products into his kids.  He diffuses essential oils, rubs them on to the children's vita flex points before bed and, most importantly, is making sure they are protected with all natural and chemical free products that won't harm them.  In honor of all the hot dads out there, check out this Instagram page dedicated to the hot dads of Disneyland. You're welcome.

Reporting on behalf of the all natural and germ free, hot dad - 

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