Gone But Never Forgotten


Fifteen years ago today, marks the anniversary Americans say
Caused them significant pain and international, unintentional fame.
Two giant behemoths altered their flight routes mid air,
While the American people were going through their morning routines without a care.

As a senior in high school, I sat in my car before the school bell rang,
Only to hear the radio announcer scream with an excruciating pang.
"The twin towers have been hit!" 
Were the only words I could make out.
And I looked at my friends, who all wore the same look of shock.

What was happening, and what did this mean?
The twin towers had been hit?  What was going on in NY, and what was the scene?

In my shock and amazement, I walked into class;
To find my teacher and classmates huddled near the TV
In an All-American mass.
With widened eyes, and blank stares;
We watched these majestic buildings crumble like collapsable chairs.

And then when you looked at the TV a bit closer,
You realized your worst dreams and nightmares were real; no longer posers.
With my hand over my mouth, I watched these American bodies fall;
They plunged to their deaths, in hopes that the death that confronted them, was stalled.

For so many that day, death was an inevitable truth,
So many American lives were lost in a terroristic pursuit.
It's never going to be okay; it will never end well,
As many search for answers while their emotions continue to swell.

We lost too many of the noble, the pride and the true;
And regardless of whatever happens in the future, we will always remember you.

Let's take a moment to remember.  We remember the individuals that we lost on American soil during these acts of terror 15 years ago, but let's also remember the countless number of lives that were lost on the soils of other countries in retaliation.  Every life, regardless of which country it was lost on, is a precious life that doesn't get to move forward.   We are unified in our pain and suffering, and all of our prayers should be combined towards the whole of humanity.

With a heavy heart,

Published by Vaishali Rana

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