How Much Would You Pay For Better Health?

When it comes to our health, taking care of our immune systems matter.  Most people will wait for an issue to happen and then treat the symptoms with over the counter medicines, while others may take a proactive approach with through diet and exercise.  Trying to protect your immune system is a daily effort that starts with many different things including diet, exercise and my personal favorite, essential oils.

When I was 16 I experienced my first kidney infection.  I had a fever of 104 degrees, was constantly throwing up and couldn’t even drink water.  After 4 days of not being able to get up from the couch, my parents decided to take me to the emergency room.  There, I was hospitalized for the next week as I combated dehydration, veins collapsing and more high fevers.  This was my life for the next few years.  My immune system had been so compromised that I was forced to take antibiotics every day in order to stay ‘healthy’.

While the antibiotics were helping me with my kidney infections, they were taking a toll on my liver and other organs.  The prescription dosages were high, and I could feel my body reacting to them negatively, but at that age I had no idea I could use alternative forms of wellness.  I continued to take prescription antibiotics for over a year and was still experiencing terribly painful kidney infections.

Like most Indian mothers, my mom thought she could cure me with home remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Her favorite home remedy happened to be drinking cinnamon sticks mixed with boiling water or eating a spoonful of honey and turmeric.  It’s safe to say neither of those concoctions worked.

When I turned 25 I was still experiencing kidney infections, even though they weren’t happening as frequently as before.  At that time one of my friends suggested alternative wellness.  When I thought about it, I remembered I had gotten a few adjustments in the past but wasn’t going to the chiropractor regularly.  As we discussed the different options, he suggested homeopathy as it had worked for him in his past.  He happily helped me set up an appointment with his doctor and even offered to drive me there.

This interaction opened me to the world of energies and alternative wellness.  The doctor not only asked me about what my symptoms were, but she took me back to my first kidney infection to see what had happened.  She was able to associate some sort of permanent kidney damage in not being taken to the hospital faster that first time, leaving my immune system susceptible to multiple relapses.  We discussed different diets, exercises and lifestyle adjustments to help remove the root of the problem, and she sent me home with homeopathy pills.

As I took the pills day in and day out, I began to think of the other ways in which I would be able to heal myself without having to take prescription antibiotics.  In talking with my friend Ashleigh, she suggested working with an energy healer to help break the cycle, another friend suggested acupuncture, and my aunt suggested essential oils.  When you’re already miserable and spending more than you need to on hospital bills, trying all types of other options seems less intimidating.  So I went through the list, and I have to say I loved some of the results.

I still chat with my energy healer once a month, more if I need it, and I LOVE her.  She is wonderful and amazing, and while she clears my mind and heart, my favorite aspects about our conversations is that she offers me perspectives that I do not see myself.  I tried the acupuncture and although I like it, the idea of sticking pins in my body causes me a bit more anxiety than I wish to have and so I don’t partake in those sessions as often.  And in addition to my energy healer, my saving grace has beenessential oils.  Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.39.51 AM

At first, I didn’t even use them on myself.  I offered them to the another friend who was having pain from an elbow injury.  Once he started raving about how Peppermint oil was helping to ease his pain, along with physical therapy, I was convinced I had to try them for my kidneys.  Although there are some essential oils singles like Thyme, Sandalwood and Eucalyptus that you can use after you have had a kidney infection for relief, I have started incorporating them into my daily routine.

From the minute I wake up, I drink a tall glass of water mixed with 1 drop of Lemon and Peppermint oils.  These help regulate my digestive track, and help me maintain a healthy weight as Peppermint is known as a fat fighter.  Throughout the day, if I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I would immediately place 1-2 drops of Thieves directly on the roof of my mouth to help offer my immune system a boost.  This blend includes Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Cinnamon Bark and Rosemary, and is a complete life saver when it comes to destroying any type of bacteria that could be trying to take over my body.  When I finally get home after a long day, my first thought is to drop some Lavender and Stressaway into my diffuser and set a calming and peaceful mood.  After my nightly aromatherapy session begins, I head to the kitchen where I use my essential oils in my cooking!

Through diet, exercise, aromatherapy and energy healing I have been able to rid myself of all the negative that usually surrounds me.  It’s easy to be miserable and to bring other’s down, but it’s important to constantly keep yourself in check.  You can only control your thoughts and actions, and in order to eliminate negativity, you have to stop creating negative thoughts.  A healthy life is much more than taking care of your physical form; it includes taking care of your mind and spirit also, and in order to be successful you can find happiness in alternative forms of wellness – you just have to be willing to look for them.

With much love,

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