Here's why I'm disappointed with democracy

Here's why I'm disappointed with democracy

The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting. (Charles Bukowski)

I'm sick of hearing political speeches. I'm sick of hearing politicians talk about freedom, equality and democracy. I'm sick of hearing those damn lies.

Look at us. We're fighting for our rights and our choices, and we refuse to accept the fact that these concepts are becoming unrealistic.

We do have democracy. We have elections and referendums which means we have that right of choice, but then, is it really anything than a cross mark on a piece of paper? Because, afterwards, what rights do we have? None. We have people who laugh in our faces, knowing perfectly that whatever we choose, we loose.

Everything is changing so quickly around us. People were fighting for the supposed “democracy” and “liberalisation” for the whole time of existence of humankind, and now this presumed democracy have led us nowhere, because we're degrading. But maybe there was nothing like that at all? A beautiful myth.

Because, taking a look at what's going on in the world, the only thing I see is that we're coming back to some twisted form of medieval society. A society, where women are treated like domestic animals; a society where you're not allowed to be different and stand out; a society, where you can only think what others think. A homogeneous, patriarchal society, with no place for any kind of freedom.

What does it mean for us? Forgetting everything people have done for a liberal society, for equality and globalisation, for everything we have today.

Yes, I'm strongly disappointed with democracy and it hurts me. Because I certainly do believe that we deserve to choose and to create our future ourselves. But what is the point in democracy if, after all, we choose dictatorship? What is the point if it can ruin our lives? How can we praise democracy if it brings sexism and racism to win?

There might be something wrong with our perception of our right to choose our future. But if there's still a chance to change this future, to stand for our lives in liberal, equal and democratic society, than we have to keep this right, our greatest right of choice, and defend it, not letting dictatorship and injustice to win. Because if we do let it win, we might not get the possibility to choose any more.

Published by Valérie Visconti

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