Innovation and tradition at Ukrainian University

Innovation and tradition at Ukrainian University

Dec 13, 2017, 10:53:03 PM Viral

Odessa, Ukraine


As students are leaving the conference room, still excited after the discussions held there before, many of them are waiting patiently to speak with the rector. The university's head is chatting friendly with the future doctors, willing to share his experience and thoughts with the young generation and is doing his best to speak with everyone. They have just finished the practical seminar against academic plagiarism. Though plagiarism rarely happens in these walls, participants stress the importance of personal thoughts and research, promoting a rather creative approach for academic work. This is Odessa National Medical University, one of the leading medical universities in Ukraine.

Formed back in 1900 as a medical faculty of Novorossiyskiy State University, it has grown quickly to become an independent public university, holding dearly its history of medical and scientific achievements and famous faculty members. Nowadays it is a prestigious institution that welcomes students from all around the globe, thus being Odessa's leading public university for international student community. Currently there are 9158 students enrolled in the full-time programs, of whom 3342 are international students from more than 20 countries.

Valeriy Zaporozhan, a long-time rector of Odessa National Medical University, is an alumni himself, and he is determined to ensure the well-being and academic excellence of each student, staff, and faculty member of his Alma-mater. A member of Presidium of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Zaporozhan works constantly on improving and modernising teaching, as well as broadening the internship opportunities for his students. All classes in the university are taught by high-class academics and field professionals, and are available in 3 different languages to ensure the maximum level of inclusion and facilitation of educational process for international students.

Considering how essential is the practice in preparing future medical professionals, the university offers its students a chance to practice their skills not only via internships and residencies in various hospitals, but also using Ukraine's biggest simulation centre, designed specifically for students' needs using the most modern equipment. Students of Odessa National Medical University, differently from many other medical students in Ukraine, can get an access to practice-based, high level medical education that combines tradition and innovation.

As it was said before, the university is proud to be a truly international medical community. But it is not limited to accepting a great part of students from abroad. In recent years Odessa National Medical University has succeeded in being recognised and cooperating with major international organisations and foreign medical institutions. One of the many achievements, still unique for many Ukrainian schools of higher education, has been a Memorandum of Mutual Understanding between Odessa National Medical University and the University of Medical Sciences of Istanbul, allowing great opportunities for student exchange and beyond.

But university aims to go far beyond preparing high-class doctors of different specializations. An important part of its work is to improve the overall healthcare system in the country, first of all, by providing excellent education for its graduates, but also by scientific research and impressive international collaboration. Thus, the rector Valeriy Zaporozhan who has recently participated in yearly sitting of European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Brussels, managed to negotiate cooperation with EBCOG to reform the healthcare system in Ukraine and implement modern technologies in advanced training of obstetricians and gynaecologists all over the country.

Odessa is an international and modern city which has always been known for its educational achievements. But it is important for each educational institution, in Odessa and in the whole country, to work hard and take steps for improvement in order to create a great future together. Odessa National Medical University is trying its best to succeed in creating Ukraine's future with professional, reliable and affordable medical care by providing the best education possible to its students.

Published by Valérie Visconti

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