Analyzing the Best DeFi Token Present Now in the Market

Analyzing the Best DeFi Token Present Now in the Market

Nov 27, 2020, 2:00:35 PM Tech and Science

Chainlink is undoubtedly the best DeFi token in the market. It is currently priced at $12.30. It is a decentralized oracle network built on Ethereum and helps in deploying complex smart contracts on any blockchain network in a tamper-resistant and reliable manner. It was launched on May 30, 2019. It has a fixed supply of 391 million tokens. 

An Outlook of Chainlink’s Services 

  • They serve data providers, web APIs, enterprise systems, cloud services, IoT devices, payment systems, DeFi applications, financial institutions, government agencies, and other blockchain networks with their solutions. 
  • Their team comprises node operators, developers, programmers, analysts, academicians, researchers, and security auditors. 
  • They provide live price feeds for different data like weather, medical, sports, shipping, asset prices, and details about popular real-world events.

The main benefits include complete decentralization, increased transparency, availability of secure nodes stored on-chain, seamless integration, dedicated technical support, high-quality provision of data without any chance of a single point of failure, assurance of the highest level of crypto-economic security, zero knowledge-proof mechanisms, and connection with the leading public and private blockchain networks through cross-platform compatibility. 

The Different Tools and Projects of Chainlink 

  • They offer a variety of software tools like Chainlink Market which acts as a resource hub for smart contract developers, data providers, and node operators. 
  • The Chainlink Oracle reputation is a popular data visualization tool that displays the end-to-end lifecycle of the Chainlink oracle reports and their various interconnections.
  • They support different projects like the development of decentralized insurance protocols, blockchain technology development, blockchain research, establishing various distributed systems. 

Studying Chainlink’s Recent Performance 

  • Chainlink has been experiencing a bullish run owing to the huge rise in the demand for cryptocurrencies.
  •  It performed very well in the USD markets recently. 
  • The number of node operators on the platform has grown steadily over time.
  • It is compatible with different networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger and has established productive partnerships with tech heavyweights like Google, Intel, and Oracle. 

Blockchain App Factory also makes exclusive DeFi tokens keeping in mind the high demand for decentralized applications these days and more attention from the mainstream financial markets. 

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