How are our kids treated and educated in GIIS

How are our kids treated and educated in GIIS

Feb 12, 2021, 6:06:12 AM News

A highly acclaimed pre-school in Dubai, the GIIS campus is equipped with the latest tools and technologies. For Kindergarten students, there is a Montessori lab where they can enjoy free play. There is a complete sports complex with separate grounds for outdoor sports and separate rooms for indoor sports. Students can enjoy experiential learning from one of the best labs for each subject such as IT Lab, Maths Lab, Chemistry Lab, and Physics Lab. For the non-academic activities, GIIS Dubai provides Dance room, Music room, art & craft room, Choir room, and much more.

Safety and Security

Safety of students at Global Indian International School is taken to be paramount. The most simple way to make parents secure about their child's whereabouts is simply to make each and every student feel safe within the premises. Besides traditional security guards at GIIS, Dubai, there are hundreds of CCTV cameras within the school, to provide that extra layer of safety. Each member of staff who comes into direct or indirect contact with students is also carefully scrutinized through background checks.

A traditional guardhouse is the first and basic level of security in the pre-school at Dubai which keeps vigil 24x7 at the gates, regulating the entry and flow of visitors into the premises. Besides this, biometrics-operated turnstiles have been installed at all the gates around the campus of Global Indian International School, Dubai to ensure that only authorised persons enter with proper identification. The turnstiles work only on tapping of the specially-made identification card for all staff and students. This ensures that all the gates are monitored at all times.


The best pre-school in Dubai, GIIS nurtures its global students into men and women who will be leaders of distinction, committed to a spirit of excellence, through high-quality education imparted by globally experienced and caring teachers building strong virtues and values while focusing on all-round development, creativity and entrepreneurship. Special care is to promote physical activity among students while they are on campus to boost their health. Walkable environments within and outside the campus connect students to green spaces and therapeutic landscapes which encourage physical activity and potentially reduce absenteeism due to ill health.

Sustainable Practices for a Better Tomorrow

We all know the health benefits of natural rays of the sun, which is why the architectural structure of the entire campus is such that it is flooded with natural sunlight throughout the day. LED lights, a resource-efficient option, are used only when this natural light dims or is short in supply. The environment within the premises is also an important factor in the healthy development of students. All structures have been designed to ensure high indoor air quality, the correct temperature, adequate lighting and proper ventilation.

GIIS Dubai offers pre-school, Global Montessori Plus (GMP) for the Kindergarten students, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for K-12 segment and will soon introduce International Baccalaureate.

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