How Do We Harm The Trees | Stop Doing These 13 Activities

Girdled trees

How Do We Harm The Trees | Stop Doing These 13 Activities

Sep 7, 2021, 8:12:45 AM News

Owners of the tree are not even aware that their tree is in serious trouble until it is too late. As a result, a tree may die or get severely damaged, leading to its removal. Below we are listing 13 points on how we harm the trees, which at any cost should be avoided:

1) Not supporting environmental NGO's

Catchfoundation is an Engo based in Ahmedabad that organizes various environmental programs to reduce deforestation & the world's ecosystem by conducting a save tree project. NGOs provide viral organizational & financial support to countries that lack environmentally friendly governance. Send tax-deductible donations to any charitable organization you think is essential. You can also contribute by volunteering for any local environmental NGO.

2) Loving a tree to death

Even a beginner feels that planting & mulching trees are an easy task. Yes, they can be beneficial if done correctly but can also be harmful if done incorrectly or too often. Guying & staking trees can help them grow taller & help them against the strong winds. Certain trees don't require staking & many of them only need support for a limited period. One of the disadvantages of staking is that it can lead to abnormal trunk growth, damage to the bark & heaviness at the top. Mulching is a good practice but can also provide to be dangerous. The tree's bark & root can get damaged if mulching is done 3 inches or more below the tree base. 

3) Girdling

It is common to see a tree girdled. Girdling a tree is the ultimate way to lead it to its's death! Covering its bottom with plastic may make you think that you are doing it a favor by protecting them from weed whackers & lawnmowers buy; actually, you are strangling the tree. If saving a tree is your ultimate goal, then surrounding it with mulch is a better option that will help retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing.

4) Powerlines

Very few people are aware of this fact. It is unfortunate to see people investing in a sapling, watching it grow for years only to be tree-topped by a staff member of the electricity board. Don't expect any sympathy from the member of that power company.

5) Classic tree abuser

Tree health & care is often neglected when people have other things in priority. Some are not even ready to take responsibility for a tree which leads to their permanent damage. Incorrect pruning can injure or damage a tree. It is essential to recover the health of a tree after it has been damaged & ensure that it remains healthy in the future. A tree can die due to improper pruning & injuries. We need to maintain & give attention to trees that sustain injuries.

6) Darkness

Shade or darkness can harm certain trees depending on their species. Trees like hardwood & conifers need to be exposed to sunlight all day for them to survive & are also known as "shade-intolerant" trees. Trees that can tolerate shade are called "shade-tolerant" trees. Poplar, Hickory & Pines are some examples of shade-intolerant trees, while Hemlock, spruce & Birch are shade-tolerant ones.

7) Tree roots need more respect

The root is a vital organ of a tree. If it is not working correctly, then a tree can become unviable can eventually die. Unfortunately, people make common mistakes very often when trying to plant or pave over roots. Sometimes nature causes trees to stress out, but most of the time, a tree owner is responsible for its damage.

8) Tree & property battle

Both trees & your property can get damaged due to the poor placement of a tree & a lack of a plan for the landscape. Don't plant trees that can outgrow the available space. It is prevalent for walkways, utility lines & building foundations to get damaged by trees. In most cases, that particular tree needs to be removed.

9) Tree salting

It is done in some countries to keep the road clear, but if it gets near to a tree can prove to be harmful. Mixing salt with soil will not support life & will kill other plants, trees & grass.

10) Making them compete

Plants or trees may start competing for food, water & sunlight if they are planted too close to each other. Due to this, some may flourish & some may die. Avoid this by considering the potential size of a tree and planting plants strategically.

11) Filling the cavities of a tree with concrete

It's a common myth To improve tree structural strength by filling it with a cavity, which is not valid. Instead, the tree itself can heal its hole itself.

12) Tying a dog to your tree

A dog tied with a tree may seem harmless, but the bark of a tree may get damaged due to it. When a dog jump or tugs against a tree, it can cause the bark to break down or fall off. Bark protects trees from diseases & insects & so harming it will put the tree's life in danger.

13) Using screws & nails to hang a bird feeder

Screws & nails can harm the bark of a tree by penetrating it, making it more susceptible to diseases & infestation of insects. Cambium can also get damaged, an area beneath the bark where the cells rapidly get divided, which contributes to increasing the girth of a tree.

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