3 lovely youtubers

3 lovely youtubers


I would like to share with you my to 5 youtubers of all time.

Youtube kind of became part of my life and not only because of super addictive people but also because I want to create content myself. I really need to start. I'm trying to film my first video for more than 5 years. But back to the main topic of this article.

1. Jenny Mustard

This sweet lady is from Sweden but she lives in Berlin now. She often makes videos with her boyfriend David. Her videos have incredible aesthetic and they are full of good vibes. She makes videos about vegan food, fashion, minimalism and tips. I would call her little bit different but that's what I love about her the most.

2. Monami Frost

Another lovely human being. This girl is from Latvia but she currently lives in Liverpool with her husband and daughter. She became mother at age 15 and that's something she makes videos about. But not only about that. She also loves cooking vegan food, film vlogs and answer questions. Monami is super positive person and you can feel that from her videos.

3. Aspin Ovard

This girl is from US where she still lives. Traveling is her biggest hobby which you can see in her vlogs a lot. Other things she makes videos about is fashion, DIY's and small stories. She works really hard with her boyfriend Parker to make their videos great. They also have their own shop with clothes.

Not very personal article but I think it's nice to recomend you some people that inspire me. I would like to see your favourite youtubers so don't be afraid to write me comment.

Have a nice day/night ♥

Published by Veronica Awra

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