Being Told I Fake It, The Dark Side Of The Internet

Being Told I Fake It, The Dark Side Of The Internet

Apr 15, 2021, 6:15:30 PM Life and Styles

I don't really know how I want to write this, it's no secret I have enjoyed another side of the internet and done many creative writing projects, I even write with a creative writing community now and I have been since 2019, and it's always a positive kind atmosphere.

But the dark side of the internet never seems to be getting enough of people to talk about it, in the past 24 months I have endured all kinds of hatred, bullying, accusations, and incredibly in-depth ones.

The worst of all those nasty comments? Being told I don't have mental health problems and I am a fake and liar.

That I don't have ADHD, Bipolar, and other complex issues, anxiety, and so much more.

When did the internet become so toxic? All I can say is that over the past year with us being all in lockdown due to covid that the world has forgotten behind that screen is a human being and we don't always know what they suffer with, what they are going through and how they are feeling.

The personal attacks I have endured over the last year or so has been incredibly harmful, resulting in many dark thoughts and dark ways of dealing with my issues, but here I am letting people type words from across the pond when they don't know a damn thing about me.

We all have been dealing with a global pandemic and yet have we all sat down and looked behind the screen and encouraged cancel culture, abuse, harassment and bullying other people because we deem our own judgement, we rip apart someone for a picture they have decided to post or use.

We want to tear other people down and encourage our entourage of followers and friends to also slander and harass people that we have no grown-up mentality and decide that its the only way to remove people we don't like on social media..

Honestly, with everything happening, how is this right? How is this fair? Has anyone really got too much time on their hands that we actively think we can now play God with other people?

The implications of this kind of behaviour spammed across our commons social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even Tumblr, is damaging and corrupting, and for anyone who has endured such awfulness whilst reading this, I hope your time improves, block report and ignore seems so feeble but it takes away the voice that feels like they know who you are and what you are allowed to do or not do.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from this awful kind of behaviour, I encourage anyone to reach out to a friend, a family member or even your doctor. ANY kind of bullying and abuse is not acceptable whether it's the internet or in person.

I know for a fact, that behind this screen if I didn't have the friends and my family behind this screen who know the truth and know everything about me, I wouldn't have been strong enough to keep getting out of bed and keep going.

I also appreciate the care team I have behind this screen who check on me every day, make sure I take my medication and keep me going as well because some days the world of the internet has truly made my day incredibly hard when my bipolar has allowed the black dog out of the gate. 

Some useful blog posts and links that I have found helpful are attached below.

Please be safe, kind and well. 

Lots of love.

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