Benefit Bad Girl

Benefit Bad Girl

Jun 6, 2018, 7:33:07 PM Opinion

Hello everyone!!

Firstly I’m so sorry for the lack of posts, life just gets in the way sometimes. Also my blog posts are back on if you want to visit my profile and read all of my other work then click here!

So after trying this amazing mascara for the last couple of months! Yeah I have worn it almost everyday I am delighted to say its worth the hype. Its incredible volume is amazing. I will show photos before and after with and without this mascara on and if your looking for a long lasting volumed mascara this is the one for you!

Because I wanted to purchase this on my own accord and no im not glamours enough to be sponsored in anyway by benefit or though it could be a dream one day! I bought the mini version in Boots (local drugstore) and its retail price as the mini version is £10.99 – ok so the price there threw me a little and I was like.. pricey mascara for a mini, but I was determined to see if it was worth the hype!

Its been broadcast all over instagram, I have worn it for the last two months on all of my instagram make up looks which you can find here .

I am so impressed, I do want to save the pennies and buy the bigger version once I have ran out on my mini one but the mascara and the plastic wand normally throws me off, this mascara even on a day with no make up other than the bad girl mascara on my face on its own is incredibly amazing, I have seen it open my eyes up and make me look more alert even when I’ve had almost a night of no sleep and the weather is just too darn hot for me to comprehend and I’m miserable cause I wish winter was back already!

Boots do the amazing offer for this mascara mini here, its worth looking into. I love mascaras that actually do the work, I have never had eyelash extensions or anything done to my eyelashes not even tinted! This mascara is the dream formula and thank you benefit for making it happen. If you want to read more about this amazing beauty product I suggest checking out boots and benefitthemselves and trust me.. its worth every positive comment it receives.

If haven’t found me on other platforms of social media, please do go to the links on my blog site to find me, and I will be back very soon with a new blog post bringing those summer music I’m listening to the most 2018 in the next couple of weeks!

Hugs and loves!!

Viccie xoxoxox

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