Hobbie Stuart is back!

Hobbie Stuart is back!

Oct 7, 2018, 6:42:26 PM Entertainment

Hobbie Stuart, one of the few people I've enjoyed meeting back in November 2016, watching him perform in London was one of the best nights of my entire life, especially listening to him perform some amazing tracks to his EP and hearing his music in person come to life.

Desolation, its raw, beautiful, honest and sung with every emotion behind the words, Hobbie never fails even with his own work to bring something unique to the table, the words of the lyrics remind me of something I personally have dealt with, I can hear the mixture of feelings in this beautifully written song. 

Hobbie has never failed me in the music front, my favorite lyric "It ain't all about you." has struck me incredibly with especially my own life experiences being slightly difficult this year not as a relationship way but a personal matter with myself and another person I was close too also when I hear "I'm down here on my knees" thats when the healing tears as I type this blog post then came to life, as I write this song is on repeat on Spotify and I'm streaming tears and listening to incredible feelings. 

I cannot say that I am excited to see another chapter of Hobbie's music come to the surface again, I have missed Hobbie's uploads his music and his raw down to earth personality, Desolation is just another perfect example of just how beautiful Hobbie's music is. 

Hobbie my eyes are teary as I listen to this song, it reminds me of difficult times i faced this year but also is healing and speaking so many volumes. Thank you for releasing a beautiful song.

I really enjoy listening to the other instruments being heard and overall the song that has come to life.

I also hope I can hear Hobbie perform this song live one day. Hobbie your music just grows and grows. thank you for another wonderful song. 

Please listen to Hobbie's new single on Spotify and iTunes!

This was my epic surprise to you all, I have been twiddling my thumbs in excitement being able to write this blog post where I am passionately a fan of Hobbie anyway if you didn't know that about me!

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to a new week!


Lots of love


Viccie xoxoxox 


(Image is taken from Hobbie's Twitterno credit to me of course)

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