It's that time again.... Last Quarterly Favs of 2017!

It's that time again.... Last Quarterly Favs of 2017!

Dec 14, 2017, 7:23:54 PM Life and Styles


Hello everyone!

Its been sometime since I have managed to sit down and write a blog post and it feels like yesterday I was doing my summer quarterly favs  as time this year has flown by! 

Today is a bit of a random one as I even have a food item in here but I want to start with beauty first!


Overall fav product of this past week (so a recent fav)  is the SophyXRevloution highlighting palette! if you don't own one can I please tell you all to go and purchase one, this has replaced my love for Tanya Burr's peachy glow palette highlighter even though I do still wear that frequently, its cruelty free, I ordered mine from and its worth every penny and I believe its on sale right now! Amazing highlighting shades, amazing looks to be created with this! Go and buy it thats all I can say!


Next beauty product is the Katie Price Contour palette, so whilst I was online ordering the highlighting palette I just mentioned above, I stumbled across Katie Price's beauty range and was just as eager to get my hands on the items, I purchased the face mask and the contour palette, Im yet to try the face mask but the contour palette has worked wonders to my make up today which I will insert a photo below, I love the shades, I love you have a yellow based shade to help counter act against redness and the pigmentation of this palette is absolutely incredible, a definitely a great new addition to my make up collection. 


Lastly I have a foundation I have to say I prefer wearing everyday, which is the Maybeline Dream Satin Liquid Matte foundation, medium buildable coverage, decided to give this a go after watching someone review it on youtube and it has become my fast ever growing foundation and i'm extremely happy with it. 


And the final beauty product goes to my Molton Brown Hand Cream - I received three of these beauties as a Christmas present last year, although i'm on my final bottle of hand cream I can say the cream sinks in quickly, smells wonderful and my hands feel much more nourished, pricey if you want them but worth the money!


My random favs these months has to be a food item, since the end of October I have been addicted to these and wondered why I have not found them sooner! The Cheese Footballs by KP - I seen these online and ordered them in my local grocery hall, keen to try something different, they are absolutely divine and I can get through one tub easily in a day, the cheesy centre reminds me of the famous Tuc Sandwich centre whilst growing up, addictive and a real comforting treat as usually i'm much more of a sweet snacker! 


And the Lynx attract for her body spray, beautiful fragrance beautiful smell, go and find it and grab it comes lovely in a gift set with the body spray for Christmas and a worthwhile gift to me!


Im sorry its been a while for my blog posts but I do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Brilliant New Year 2018, and I will see you in the new year for another blog post!


Lots of love


Viccie xxxxx

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