Nathan & Lou Fellingham / Spring Harvest Concert 2019

Nathan & Lou Fellingham / Spring Harvest Concert 2019

Mar 6, 2019, 7:35:02 PM Entertainment

Hey everyone,

Today I'm taking your minds back to the 6th of February, it wasn't that long ago!

I remember a week before my father had told me about Lou Fellingham coming to Bury St Edmunds in the United Kingdom if you didn't know where I was from now you do! I'm a British blogger here. 

I was in shock when I had found out, the last time I heard Lou Fellingham was in the Suffolk area I wanted to go, but then I came down with something and remember vaguely I was unwell to go. 

I asked my Father if he would get me a ticket, more like excitedly begged him, and soon as the evening came I was as excited to see a woman who not only is like the Christian Arianna Grande but a total music inspiration to the Christian world, by herself and her husband for all they do on each album. 

I remember walking into the church with my ticket and taking a seat and waiting for the amazing evening which was also to teach us about the spring harvest. 

Clutching my handbag and making sure I could breathe after taking my scarf off I was excited. 

The evening was magical, informative, full of exciting worship, although I was sad to hear Lou Fellingham, in the end, was actually unwell, her husband Nathan Fellingham and her friend Jess still made the entire evening a delight. 

Coming home from an incredible evening and seeing an amazing performance by Nathan and Jess I definitely was glad I still went to go!

Although I hope to meet Lou in person one day for she is so incredibly talented and inspiring I thought I would sign off this blog post with three of my favorite songs by Lou and Nathan Fellingham and I hope if you ever get the chance over here to see her that you take a leap and watch the amazing performance and or buy a CD where her music is sensational. 

My Top three songs are:

1. This changes everything - I have had this song on repeat the past month. You can find the video here:

2. Build this house -

3. There is a Day - I remember first hearing this song at my local church and it has carried me through some really strong and difficult times. -

Thank you Nathan Fellingham and Jess for truly delivering powerful music and for the whole evening talking about the Spring Harvest event.

See you all soon! 

Let me know on social media what songs you like or listen to as a Christian

All my love.



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