Talia Mar - Tough Decisions EP Review

Talia Mar - Tough Decisions EP Review

Oct 23, 2017, 4:37:20 PM Entertainment

So I haven’t done a music review in a while because my life has become somewhat a mountain of chaos since I’ve been moving House. Plus I am writing this review  on my phone so please bare with that fact and also I didn’t have the image of the EP to hand so it’s from google, no copyright intended. 


Diving into the review of Talia Mar’s amazing EP Tough Decisions im honestly surprised I haven’t even heard of her until earlier this year! Where have I been hiding? I discovered Talia as a yotuber when I watched the live broadcast for Grenfell Tower where it was hosted by another Youtuber Em Ford known as MyPaleSkinBlog  who had bought Talia on board to make a song and her talent and her writing captured my heart here and then.  Listening to Talia’s voice I then decided to research her for more music and to see more about her on Youtuber and I am happy to say she has become one of my faviroutes ever since I did discover her amazing talent. 

Listening to covers she has done and her beautifully famous song that was in aid of mental health awareness, Talia’s music and passion has grown on me with enormous lengths. I even had her cover and female version inspired of Charlie Puth’s Attention on repeat for an entire day as I became obsessed with listening to Talia’s voice.

Discovering her EP and listening to Tough Decisions makes me want to have a CD  copy already to keep as a keep sake. Talia’s talent is unstoppable, her writing makes me feel like within that song I can understand some of the feelings behind the words, it’s breath taking and beautiful. My favoroute is the Last Song butI love her EP with huge inspiration, Talia has an amazing vocal voice and she clearly puts a lot of time and effort perfecting what she wants to say in her own written songs. The music industry needs more of this. She has become such a huge part of my music collection as much as Hobbie Stuart and I wish hat the music industry would seek to bring out more people who really bring the raw talents and who they really are to the stage and the audiences ears. 

Im excited to see what the future holds instore for Talia and to see what else she brings and beautifully makes. I listen to her EP on Spotify however I’m sure you can also purchase it on iTunes if you want to listen  just search for ‘Talia Mar Tough decisions’ and I will link to you all the link to listen to it on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/69BTMkTZ587A4D1Wj4T4Fs?si=rQuQ9QKb 


Hope to see you all extremely soon with another blog post and hugely sorry whilst having no internet I’ve been unable to do much writing at all. 



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