The Perfect Gift for those Grieving their Pet

The Perfect Gift for those Grieving their Pet

Jul 2, 2016, 4:36:40 PM Life and Styles

On August 25, 2007 a puppy was born that stole my heart. I named her arrow because of the little white arrow on her neck. She has been a part of my  life since that moment. On June 14, 2016 she passed away.  My heart literally broke in half. I was lost without my little companion.  She and Beau her brother have been the one constant in my daily life since the day they were born.  I have been grieving for the last 3 weeks as Beau and I tried to do without our little alpha Arrow.  She was the one that told us when to go to bed, when to wake up and when it was time to play.  Without her, Beau and I have struggled to find a schedule, a purpose and a routine. 

My daughter seeing this pain and loneliness provided me with a gift last night.  A gift that could not have been better timed.  Yesterday morning I woke up and decided that I would attempt NaNoWriMo even without my little muse, Arrow.  

The fun thing about Arrow and my writing was, she kept an eye on me. If I was writing too late at night she would come get me and send me to bed. She would tell me when I had been too absorbed in the computer and needed a break.  It sounds silly, but she was my timekeeper. She and Beau were the inspiration for the book I started writing in April. She was the muse for my creativity.  

Yesterday,  I started writing again for the first time since she first became sick. I had been hand feeding her and nursing her I hoped back to health for over a month before she passed away. All my energy was focused on her and her well being. Writing took a back seat. July 1st. I decided that I needed to break out of the silence that had become so prevalent in my home.  Then when my daughter got home from work she presented me with a package that had come in the mail.

I opened the package and there was my little muse.  In living color, the exact shade of red that my little Arrow had been.  The same white patch on her back that framed the perfect arrow on her neck.  My daughter had found an artist to make the perfect replica of my little Arrow.  

My arrow, with wings and a halo. Just as she deserved. I was blown away. I could not believe that someone could have created the perfect image of Arrow, but she had. I now have my little muse sitting on the right hand of my desk, watching over me as I write.  Hidden under her new wings is the arrow on her back and the white patch that perfectly framed it. 


This was the most delightful surprise and I smiled. A huge smile and Beau and I celebrated the return of our girl. It might sound silly, but it feels like she is back with us. 


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