Acne is a thing. Deal with it!

Acne is a thing. Deal with it!

Sep 21, 2016, 6:36:47 AM Life and Styles

Hello all my lovelies,

One comment that will always stick in my mind till the day I die

"Why does she have spots on her face and you don't?"

"She doesn't wash her face as much as I do that's why."  

" Egh she must be dirty then."

So as you can see today's blog is going to be about acne. I myself have suffered at the hand's of this skin condition and I wont be the last.What I don't understand is, how this skin condition has been around for so many year's people still feel ashamed to suffer with it. People are made out to be dirty and ashamed.  You are not dirty, ugly, disgusting, or anything else. You are a human who has a body that works! People need to realise that words hurt, actions hurt and it brings people down. Acne has been around for as long as humans have been on this earth. I'm sick of meeting people or talking to people who have all had a bad experience because of their skin. I'm sick of the hate and bullying over peoples skin. It needs to stop and people need to be more educated about it.

What is acne?

Acne is a completely natural thing and shows that your body is actually working in the correct way, but just to much. Sebaceous glads are near the surface of your skin which produce something called Sebum. Sebum lubricates the hair follicles and skin to stop them from drying out. This is completely normal, however when there is to much Sebum produced it mixes with dead skin cells and plugs the follicles up. Once again this is normal and can happen to anyone. When this happens spot's are produces as the oils can't get out if the follicles. This does not mean you are dirty in any way! Its natural and as soon as people start to understand this, the better. Hormone levels can also be the reason, that's why a lot of teenagers suffer with acne. Acne can even run in families. This surprised me as both my parent's didn't suffer from acne, but my uncle's did on my mothers side. 

The different types of acne- Everyone has had a whitehead at some point in their life. Don't lie I know this.This is when the skin bulges outwards and creates a white head looking spot.  Blackheads are also very common and this is when the plugged follicles are open. Lastly harmless bacteria lives on your skin. Yes bacteria, don't freak out. This bacteria can contaminate the plugged follicles and in this case create papules, pustules, nodules or cysts. These aren't as common, but still common enough. Once again your body is just doing what it's designed to do, just a bit more than it's meant to. 

Acne myths- I felt I had to add this into the blog as so many of these were said to me in school or at home.

Food- I have heard people say if you eat chocolate or greasy food your acne will get worse. Actually, this is incorrect, there is no evidence so far to say this is correct.

Dirty- Next the best one acne mean's your dirty, also INCORRECT! I can't stress this enough. Spots start deep in the skin not on the surface and actually washing your face more than twice a day is just going to aggravate you skin.

Spot popping- Now I know how hard it is not to pop a spot and you read that popping is better, but it really isn't. It could actually make your skin worse.

Sexual intercourse-  Sex can make acne worse. What?!?! Please someone give me strength! Of course this is incorrect.

Sun- My parent's always told me to get in the sun on a sunny day as it will help my skin. However this isn't true. There is no evidence to show the sun, sunbeds or sun lamps help to improve you acne.

Infectious- Lastly acne is infectious. Again why? Why are people getting told this? Of course this is also incorrect. 

These day's social media, TV programs even magazines all have  a lot of fakery. What people think is perfection is actually fake. When I was growing up the Internet was not as popular, I only had magazines. There was no photo shop, if a celeb had a spot on the day of the photo shoot then they had a spot on the magazine. Greasy messy hair, oh well deal with it. Now they have it all, perfect looking skins, bigger bum, smaller waist, longer legs, shorter arms, and its all done by a computers. I bet even your favorite celebrities had acne or still suffer with it now. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Daniel Radcliffe and even Leonardo DiCaprio all have suffered/still do with acne. These all are beautiful, gorgeous people who have all suffered.

Lastly if you spend a lot of time on YouTube you may have heard of Katie snooks. She is a YouTuber who suffers from acne and has invited you to follow her journey in fighting it. Click the link below to see her Vlogs.


I hope this had helped educate people more about acne. I believe we need to spread the word that acne is completely normal and your body is doing what it should. No one should be ashamed of their skin. I feel their should be a trending #proudtohavespots. No one should be made to feel ugly, disgusting, dirty or anything else. 

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