How positive energy and authenticity can lead you to success

How positive energy and authenticity can lead you to success

Aug 26, 2020, 3:19:38 PM Business

Aaron Martinez, a Virginia-based Real Estate Growth Expert and co-Founder of RE Agent, has every reason to celebrate his success. Starting from the early age of 14 years old, Aaron studied a lot and got inspired by well-known growth experts such as TED’s Tai Lopez. Now, as an entrepreneur, Aaron enjoys a great professional and personal life, thanks to the social media recognition and more specifically Youtube as he is running a very popular channel.  Aaron is also a loving husband and father of two children.

Aaron’s unique personality, his creative approach and positive energy, played an important role to his professional growth. Being very social was, perhaps, the only option for Aaron as he changed 16 schools so he had to consistently make lots of friends and meet new people. During these challenging times and in this changing environment, Aaron turned to social media. 

Social media platforms played an important role in Aaron’s work. He embraced Youtube from an early age and saw the platform’s potential to be used as a marketing and  branding tool. His original, authentic content and positive mindset, helped him gain a lot of loyal followers quickly. He received a lot of positive comments about his work from early on, with followers saying that this kind of work and content inspires them and helps them escape from their life and struggles. From that moment on, Aaron became even more determined and he started making a video everyday for his audience. Aaron embraced other social platforms as well such as Facebook, Snapchat and he even made videos on how to use these platforms effectively for marketing purposes, gaining over 1 million views.

Aaron is not only focusing on impactful marketing offers, but he also cares about branding and wants to be known as a Branding and Referral Accelerator. He cares about developing relationships with partners and clients and he thinks it is key to be known in your area and start growing locally. ‘People in your area need to know about your work so you can be the first person they call when they think about real estate’. Aaron believes that part of that ‘recognition’ is related to one’s branding efforts. He thinks that it is important for people to find their own voice, develop their on-camera presence and learn how to create videos on demand, in a simple and non-intimidating way. Some people might be shy, but putting ourselves out there at a time of social media explosion, can help us generate more leads.

Aaron Martinez is the Co-Founder of RE Agent Growth along with Karan Sanghavi. He is a loving father to two beautiful children. He has appeared on NASDAQ, Zillow , FOX, Thrive Global, Medium and in addition to generating high-quality leads for his agents, he is helping Realtors grow their sphere of influence through his “Referral Accelerator” program. Click here to learn more.

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