5 Tips For A Mindful Exercise Routine

5 Tips For A Mindful Exercise Routine

Apr 11, 2019, 3:44:49 PM Life and Styles

When we set out to do a workout, we tend to have a certain goal in mind. It is either to lose weight, improve our health or boost up our organism. Little do we know that our inner body needs a workout of its own. If we wish to succeed in all spheres in life we should implement doing more mindful exercise.


By connecting to our inner-self, and by listening to our body and its needs, we can defeat any obstacles that life puts in front of us. The aim is to, one the one hand, be mindfully present at the exercises that we do and focus on the moves, and on the other hand, to relax and release the stress that has been accumulating inside. Above all, to feel re-energized and not to allow getting succumb to the constant stress that surrounds us daily. Here are the tips you should follow in order to achieve a serene mindful exercise routine.


1. Acknowledge your body

Once you start exercising, you should clear out your mind from all worries. If you start out with negative thoughts or start thinking about things that you should have been doing instead, you need to stop and reflect on why you are exercising in the first place. Take the time to acknowledge your body and feel what is going on inside. When you forcefully approach any exercise, you will be prone to more injuries. You need to firmly establish awareness of your body and bring it to the physical form. Feel your body, bones, muscles, and organs. Once you do that and not feel pain or discomfort, your inner body will be ready to continue the exercise. Appreciate your body and be honest with it. If you are not mentally prepared to exercise, then don't do it. Exercising is an in-body workout where you can only achieve results if your mind works hand-in-hand with your body.


2. Give priority to breathing and nutrition

Proper and tranquil breathing is the key to mindful exercise and one of the most powerful ways to relieve from stress. Doing mindful breathing and slowly inhaling and exhaling you will clear out your head and help your body connect deeply to your mind. Once you let go of your thoughts and breathe in a slow-paced rhythm, you will do any workout your mind has set to do. Effective breathing infuses your body with oxygen, gives you strength and recharges your inner energy. Equally important is to intake quality food products. Having a healthy relationship with food and mind will get you on the right path to achieve both mindful peace and bodily stamina needed to do daily chores and exercises. When you follow up your exercises with healthy proteins, foods rich in vitamins and minerals you will boost up your immune system and give your body all things necessary to continue with mindful work.


3. Immerse yourself and let loose

Mindful exercise is also a key to maintaining something and totally immersing your mind into achieving that. Mindful immersion means fully dedicating your entire body and soul to a certain activity in order to complete it diligently. You need to form a clear intention of what you are about to do, to set your mind free and let loose of any negative or overwhelming thought you might have. You should be consistent in any sporting exercise as well, and listen to what your body wants. Do things that make your mind and your body feel good, and don't make excuses for not exercising. Immerse yourself in what you love doing. Walk out in the nature, do pilates, and even read some reviews on Hombre Golf Club if you are intrigued to learn more about this sport and master it better. Align and immerse yourself with all the activities that you strive to do both physically and mentally and you will feel much more comfortable and loosened from negativity.


4. Focus on the environment

Doing things that you love, eating foods that are great for your body, and tuning in to the environment will help your mind and body feel good. You should be able to notice the environment around you, defeat any obstacles and clear out your path so that you could do your regular exercise routines. In order to localize your attention to mindful exercise, you should be distraction-free, surround yourself with the people who love you and declutter the space around you. No matter in what room you wish to do the exercise, focus on the air, the temperature, the lighting, and the smells. Try to overcome the distractions, and don't let anything or anybody trigger your inner strength. Only when you focus on the world around you, you will be able to tune your mindful awareness at the work you're about to do.


5.  Take it easy

You need to set time aside specifically for your exercise. As you do the exercises don’t let your mind wander and your awareness drift away. Slow down and focus on your whole body and the reason you are doing those exercises. Try to separate your thoughts and resist the temptation of doing the things that distract you. Take your time with every activity. Think about your posture, your breathing, your core, your muscles, and focus on maintaining balanced upward and downward motion. If your attention drifts, stop the exercise, take a deep breath, reflect on the reasons you are doing the mindful exercise and start all over again easily.

By implementing mindful exercise routine you will harness your thoughts, focus on the positive emotions, and deal with life's challenges in a calm and assertive way.

Published by Victoria Lim

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