Trends That Will Influence How You Accessorize in 2019

Trends That Will Influence How You Accessorize in 2019

Feb 22, 2019, 5:01:15 PM Life and Styles

Fashion runways have always dictated trends not only when it comes to clothing, but also when it comes to wearing stylish accessories. When chosen correctly and worn dignified, accessories can show off your attitude, personality, and your inner self. This 2019, it won't be about just another bag, pair of earrings, or a belt, it will be about the way you express yourself to the world. There is a whole new type of glamor popping out this year, and it involves more feathers, shells, and crystals that will surely take any fashionable ladies breath away. So, here is what is installed this year.

Wistful sunglasses

Sometimes a pair of dazzling sunglasses is all that you need. And this year it that is completely true. The designers have pushed the limits of ordinary, on the order hand, and the trend that has hit this must-have accessory is "the bigger, the better". Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, and many other top-notch designers have set out a trend of mega-lens sunglasses. It is a mix of 1980's nostalgic street style with futuristic sports style. These larger than life pieces of the garment have dominated this year’s runways. And they can always be worn with some fabulous suit, dress, or swimsuit.


Diverse headbands

Reaching the top of their reign in the 90s, headbands have still remained an iconic accessory. Puffy and chic headbands are slowly making their comeback this year, and it is no surprise that many cosmopolitan ladies absolutely adore them. From velvet, timid pink silk textured materials with a few jeweled bobby pins, to over-sized bows in various colors. Even crystals and feathers are embellished in this accessory, and that can be extremely alluring if you are going to dress down and wear, for instance, a classic little black dress.

Inspired by the sea

For years sea elements have always found their place on the runways. In 2019, sea creatures have totally reshaped the trends. You will be seeing pearls and shells as the accessory in unconventional places, from tops to pants and even down to shoes. Either attached as a buckle on your jacket, or it may be on a classic necklace. However, the dominating detail in the necklace collection this year is the shark teeth symbol, which is the perfect discreet accessory to any outfit. As ancient species, sharks have always been inspirational creatures, both under and above the sea. Wearing an accessory with this ravishing sea detail is a must this year.


Two-bag approach

This might be over the top for somebody, but every fashion lover has been waiting for the day when they would be able to wear two bags. Yes, you heard it right. Fendi, Loewe, Chanel, and Gucci have long been waiting for the moment to transform the way how we should accessorize and scale up. Wearing two either identical, but different sizes or one shoulder length bag and one handbag is actually a necessity for the chic businesswoman. Not only will they be satisfied with this new accessory trend, but all those ladies who always never seem to have enough space for their essentials in the bags.

Plump belt

One piece of accessory that is having its bombastic throwback is the belt. And not just plain and simple type of belt, but think big, bold, and chunky. Big leather belts with stunning silver or marble buckle can be paired perfectly with a long beige coat. Belts represent truly an interesting way to add glamor and glow to an otherwise tedious and simple outfit. In 2019 the trend suggests big, so you can easily wear it under your corporate suit, pair it with the boring one-colored blazer and bring attention to your waist.

90s street neon

You might have been wondering what is installed here. Well, it is a perfect combination of 80s statement colors and 90s baggy and low-rise relaxed style pants. Accessory range from neon yellow, or neon green scarves, bracelets, and rings, and then pairing it with a suede coat, and orange brick shoes. Only pick one eye-catching neon color and then wear the 90s monochromatic ensemble with it, or opt for low-rise blank pants with a bright pink neon belt. Either way, you would look stylish both on the fancy even and on the streets.

Extravagant pumps

Even if many of prefer comfy high heels, or sneakers on a nice warm day, this year’s trend is going to blow your mind with the latest style of pumps. They are finally becoming interested and appealing to any personality. Calvin Klein showed off fantastic pumps at this year's runway. A blend of professional and casual, with the mix of the summer sea, feel and bustling city commotion. Then there was Christopher Kane's daring fashion show that presented extravagant and "wears at your own risk" pumps, that you simply must see.

By unique, and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to investigate and push the limits of ordinary. Whatever trend you wish to follow, it must reflect your inner self.


Published by Victoria Lim

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