Why You Have to Think About Right Fencing If You Are a Pet Owner?

Why You Have to Think About Right Fencing If You Are a Pet Owner?

Mar 27, 2018, 11:47:11 PM Life and Styles

Having a pet is rewarding and can bring you enormous fun and love. However, it also gets us worried about them. When you live in the house with a yard, you consider it a blessing since you can provide enough space for your pet to play and run.

But this is the main cause of concern when it comes to pet owners. They constantly worry that their pet might run in the street and get hit by a car, or get attacked by strays. In order to keep your pet safe in the yard, first, you have to think about fencing.  

The fence has to be not only good for your pet, but also to protect your property from intrusions. So here are some suggestions about the right fencing for your family and your pet.

  1. Take the pet’s size into consideration

Pets come in various shapes and sizes, and that is something they will use to their advantage. Small dogs can escape through gaps, or get injured trying. This means that you should think about the ornamentation, patterns, and gaps on your fence.

Also, the larger the dog the taller the fence. This will prevent your pet to jump over the fence and escape. And when you think about the material, choose something that won’t get easily chewed or scratched like wood.

For example, stockade fences would be ideal since they have small gaps and can be as tall as you need them to be. But they will completely block the view to the street and enclose your house completely from the outer world. While this sounds like a good security solution, it's also something that may detach you from your neighbors.


  1. Tricks of your pet

Pet’s learn skills we teach them, but also every breed has its characteristics. Since dogs can be very sneaky, make sure that your pet can’t open the gate. Since the gate is a normal part of the fence, you have to turn it into the first step to welcome your guests.

So, choosing the type that is not easily opened by your dog or anyone for that matter will protect your home, as well as your pet from the outer world. You can install intercom at the entrance, and thus make it even more complicated to open.

  1. Stopping the diggers

The market offers a variety of fences which you will find good enough for you and your pet. However, if you already have a fence or are familiar with dog behavior, you will notice they like to dig. Some even go as far as to dig a hole under the fence and escape to neighbor's house.

You can prevent this by installing the fence deeper in the ground and made of stronger material like iron, for example. Another solution is to create an L-footer at the base of your fence with wire fencing. The part of the fence that bends flat to the ground can be covered with grass, gravel or anything you see fit.   


  1. Consult the experts

With all previously stated elements, it’s time to consider the consulting the fencing experts. There is no doubt that the purpose of the fence is security above everything else. It won’t only prevent your dog to go outside the yard, but also it will stop burglars and any other intruders.

Portcullis, one of the leading security experts points out that it’s important to use “combined experience in manufacturing and fencing industries, but also have a keen ability to create solutions for more complex security issues”.

  1. Choosing the right one

The fence has to fit with the overall design of your yard. Even the certain wooden fences can be hard enough to chew or scratch through if they’re uninteresting enough. This means that the fence should prevent your dog from seeing outside and trying to reach other pets.

Iron fence with ornamental shapes and patterns can look great for the vintage and sophisticated houses, but make sure that your pet won’t get injured. Sharp and pointy tips on the fence can cause cuts and even deeper wounds. Dog-proofing your fence is as important as having in place safety measures to protect your home.


In the end

Your pet and you can both enjoy the new-fenced space without having to worry about the outer world coming inside or your dog escaping out. It’s so common for a household to have a pet today that there are many fencing solutions to choose from. The only thing you need is the detailed knowledge of your dog's habits and skills in order to make it work perfectly.

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