The Magic of One Single Moment

The Magic of One Single Moment

Do you know what a "Meet Cute Moment" is?

Well, a Meet cute moment is a typical scene in romantic comedies in which the characters of the story meet under unusual, embarrassing or funny circumstances, creating lets say the magic of the story.

Of course this a term used to define something that is fiction; but can we use this term to define real moments in our lives? Corny as it sounds, I think we can. Clear your minds a little bit so you can see the picture here. Think about that weird, funny or embarrassing moment that you might have had with another person, place or pet, that painted on you a huge smile for days and that every time you remember it brings joy and a smile upon your face. To me that is a “Meet Cute Moment”

Usually bright, clear, sunny days here in Beijing make my days something magical, because is something that doesn’t happen very often. The weather was magnificent and decided to walk to work and enjoy every second of it. Ever since I discover a shorter way to work, I never used again the road I used to walk before because my lazy butt said it was too long; but as I felt shiny as the sun decided to go by the longer way. On this way I have to pass by the guard gate of a TV channel, and by the time I was passing in front of the guard gate the guard, whom I swear I have never in my life talk to before, with a big smile and a nice voice started to enthusiastically wave at me and said: Oh really long time without passing by here, have a nice day madam!

What?! I  immediately started laughing, because for me this was something really weird and impossible, I mean you know how many foreigners are here in Beijing specially in the area where I was walking through; which is by excellence the area where almost all foreigners work and hang around. How can he remember me, if at least 200 people must go by this road every day.

Maybe he had me marked or checked out every time I passed by or maybe not, maybe he was just trying to get attention. But just by the tone and the look on the face of someone you are able to tell someones intentions, and definitely they were not a bad at all.

So, I waved back, said hello, and smile all the way to my work. I know that I will not fall in love with the guy or anything like that or music will start sounding like in a typical romantic comedy, maybe I will never see him again; but the magic of that single moment was something that made of my day something special, and something I will remember and laugh about for a really long time.

Enjoy & Pay Attention to those Meet Cute Moments in your life!

Published by Victoria Miranda

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