Third or even FOURTH day hair!

Third or even FOURTH day hair!

Jun 22, 2016, 4:00:00 PM Life and Styles

Being a woman with long hair I understand the struggle of washing your hair every day. Studies have also shown that it is actually bad for your hair to be washing it every day due to the constant removal of oils. So how do you go more than a couple of days without washing your hair AND not look like a greasy mess? It's all in the products and hairstyle.

Day 1:

With fresh clean hair you can choose whatever hairstyle you're in the mood for but it's best to choose one without an excessive amount of products since you will be putting more in your hair over the next few days. I suggest wearing your hair natural of a simple straighten or wave look.

Day 2:

Dry shampoo is your best friend. With a simple spray and tussle of the hair it's as beautiful and clean looking as day 1. Braids and dry shampoo are best friends so this is a great option!

Day 3:

Since your hair may be getting a little greasy a high ponytail or bun is a great option because your hair will look more shiny rather than greasy. Use hairspray to glue down any flyaways to ensure the sleek pullback. If your hair is not too greasy, adding a little hair oil to the pony also adds more shine so the scalp isn't the only thing looking so shiny. 

Day 4:

Sleekness is your friend! By doing a low bun with a dramatic part you can mask the grease with a sleek pullback. You can also add a small amount of dry shampoo if you feel the hair looks too greasy, but be mindful of the amount of products you've been using over the past few days. 


There you have it! Your guide to getting through more than a few days without having to wash your hair and saving yourself loads of time in the shower throughout the week.


What are your tricks to avoid a hair washing? Comment below!

Published by Victoria Riess

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