Distance Education Barriers and How to Overcome those Barriers.

Distance Education Barriers and How to Overcome those Barriers.

May 7, 2021, 11:16:00 AM Opinion

No doubt that the corona crisis gave a new life to the new age learning method, but what were the reasons that made people reluctant to distance education even during the pandemic?

Can we combat those distance education barriers?

  • Unreliable internet connection

In many parts, there are unstable networks. There are times when there’s an internet problem even in most urban areas. So if you’ve enrolled in an online degree programme, you might face issues in attending live lectures. To combat this, there are recorded lectures available for the students to refer later. These can be easily downloaded and the students can watch anytime they wish to. Some colleges also arrange extra classes for students who need extra reference or the topics are difficult and need extra guidance.

  • Mediocre learning experience

Due to less or no face to face interaction, the personal touch is missing in the open education model, but to combat this and to help the students get the most out of distance learning, blended learning and flipped classrooms are practised. In addition, there are many facilities provided by the colleges and universities in the form of various e-learning resources and tools such as digital textbooks, quick learning book, simulated case studies, practical assignments, online discussion forums, web resources for research, gamified practice tests and other latest technology methods. And most importantly the course and curriculum of the distance programmes is the same as that of the regular programmes.

  • Boring and Uninteresting method of learning

Distance education is mainly theoretical and doesn’t allow the students to practice and learn together, but now many technical programmes are also being offered through distance mode. Personal Contact Programmes makes sure that the students can clear their doubts and stay interested in the program. The online method of learning is designed to be dynamic and interactive. Even if students aren’t physically close, they can still see, hear and talk and make an interactive session possible as they would do in a physical class. They are also given team-based and group-based projects so that the teaching is student-centric. Universities make their best effort to humanize the entire learning process so that learners can easily adapt themselves with an unconventional way of learning. 

  • Excludes the student from the society

It is said that the distance education method makes a student exclusive to the society he is living in. It makes them secluded, but rather what happens in a distance learning method is that students have more time to be inclusive with themselves and explore themselves to possess a more practical approach and spend time only in priority based tasks. It also prepares them for the fast-changing technological world by making them experience with the latest methods in the form of e-tools and e-resources being used in the industry. 

  • Difficulty in adaptability

Someone who has never undergone this unconventional method of learning feels that it would be difficult to adapt to open education. However, it is only about the decision that you take to enrol and rest everything falls into place. You will get an expert counselling session by the best counsellors at Vidya Planet to help you choose the most suitable course and university. Students also receive constant guidance in their entire admission process and would be updated about new courses and admission dates through newsletters. The Universities also makes sure that the student faces no difficulty in adapting through their student support services and industrial approach to bring the latest methods of learning.


Online learning, web-based learning, open learning, open education, distance education, or internet-based learning, has introduced the world where it is possible to learn from anywhere, anytime and kick any barriers that come in the way to chase the goals.

Amplify your goals and we’ll simplify your search. We’ll help you make the best career decision, the counsellors at Vidya Planet are all set to support you in your distance education journey through free counselling at no hidden costs.

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