Air TV: great cord free home entertainment

Air TV: great cord free home entertainment

Feb 24, 2017, 10:12:32 PM Entertainment





          Dish network has unveiled the Air TV player, an Android TV box on which you can watch local channels, Sling TV (also by Dish) and Netflix all from one device on all your home and personal devices including TV’s, Computers, Smartphones and other internet capable home gadgets.  The set top box is touted as a single platform for on demand streaming entertainment and internet TV much like Amazon Fire TV, TIVO and Roku.


                             The Full Package 


This android TV Box comes with YouTube, Netflix and Sling TV preinstalled, you can also install hundreds of other apps and the player also supports 4k streaming in UHD resolution.  The box comes with a remote which supports voice search and separate buttons for Netflix and Sling for easy viewing of your favorite programs and movies.  The package also includes a locator button on the box which helps you find the remote whenever it has slipped into the cushions of your couch.  


                             Easy to use          


The streaming experience is easy and smooth, the box is simply designed and always loads straight into Sling TV.  You can also plug an antenna into the box and load your local channels directly into your Sling TV guide.  The buttons on the remote are clearly labeled, making for easier navigation.  The small, white Air TV box and Sling TV allow you to watch cable channels, which ones you have access to depends on the monthly package you choose, however the packages are in the $20-$40 range and include the all major Cable channels such as HBO, ESPN, TNT etc. Having Netflix preinstalled right in the Sling TV app is convenient, just turn on your T.V., select Netflix and choose the movie or program you want to watch.  If you would rather choose something from Google Play, you can do so with Air TV.   Sling T.V. initially had a coverage gap, the addition of local channels has closed that gap, now you can have the full TV, cable and internet TV experience without any wires all in one source.   Meanwhile on the back of the box are the power, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports.


                             Worth the purchase?


If you don’t want to dish out money for a Sling TV account, the box still will provide you access to OTA channels and the other streaming apps via a free Sling TV account.  The Nintendo sized Air TV box is currently priced at $99, $129 gets you both the box and the OTA adapter.  If you something better or different than regular cable service, the Air TV is a solid and fairly priced alternative as good as the competition and perhaps even better than regular cable. 

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola

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