Music legend Prince’s passing likely due to drugs

Music legend Prince’s passing likely due to drugs

Apr 25, 2016, 2:46:23 PM Entertainment





As fans everywhere mourn the recent passing of Prince, an autopsy and investigation has yet to reveal the official cause of death.  The Police investigation revealed that there were no obvious signs of trauma which has ruled out that the death may have been a suicide or that foul play was involved.  However, reports have surfaced that the singer may have been taking large amounts of painkiller medications which may have resulted in his recent health problems.


At 1007 am on Thursday, the seven time Grammy winner was found dead in his estate, slumped over in an elevator and not breathing, Prince was pronounced dead at the scene an hour later.  Many are suspecting that the musician died of an overdose of prescription drugs as just last week his plane made an emergency landing when he was unresponsive on a flight home after a recent concert.  While Prince and his publicists attributed the emergency to suffering with the flu, however on the contrary reports have surfaced claiming that he was given a “save shot” used in drug overdoses of opioids.  In recent days a few people close to and who knew the iconic singer have reported that the singer was taking Percocet and other pain medications, one doctor claiming that the singer spent 40,000 dollars on six month supplies of powerful opioids such as Fentanyl since 1984 to overcome stage fright.   Maurice Phillips, who is married to the sister of the Purple Rain star, has apparently told detectives that Prince had stayed awake for 154 hours straight before his death and that the singer was indeed hooked on sleep inducing painkillers.  Friends fear that his death resulted from overprescribed medications and drugs by dodgy doctors.


While an autopsy has been completed and the singer’s body has been cremated, the official cause of death will not be determined for a few weeks. 

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