Nike's new self-lacing "Back to the Future" Shoes

Nike's new self-lacing "Back to the Future" Shoes

Mar 22, 2016, 10:12:15 PM Life and Styles


In “Back to the Future 2,” Marty Mcfly Jr. rides a hover board and wears self-lacing Nike Shoes as he deals with the local high school bullies hanging out after school.  Now it seems the future has arrived as last year Hendo unveiled its new Hover board design that supposedly works and just recently Nike has created the self-lacing shoes featured in the film.

Nike’s self-lacing shoes are called the Hyper Adapt 1.0, Nike’s CEO Mark Parker recently introduced the product at the 2016 Nike Innovation event in New York City.

So how does the sneaker work?  When you put your foot in, your heel hits a sensor which prompts the system to tighten the shoe and laces.  On the side are two buttons which allow you to loosen and tighten as desired. 

The new technology Nike has been developing since 2013 and is pretty spot on compared to what Marty Mcfly wore in the film.  The Hyper adapt 1.0 is set to be sold in three available colors next holiday season to Nike + members.  If you are not a Nike + member, don’t worry, Nike has said that anyone interested can create an account online.  The app is supposed to be updated in June and will provide access to “coveted products” and events, according to Nike’s press release.  

   The shoe’s designer, Tinker Hatfield, says that the shoes are designed to provide athletes the convenience of making small adjustments in fitting their shoes snugly.  Hatfield said the Hyper Adapt shoe aims to give athletes the ability to quickly make small adjustments to how tight or loose their shoes fit as a way of reducing the stress of competing.  Self-Lacing shoes might seem a little gimmicky and Nike probably never would’ve followed through with their production had it not been for the movie, but regardless the shoes likely are good shoes that are quite convenient.  No price range estimates exist as of yet but a high price can be expected. 

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