S.O.S. Same Ole Linkedin

S.O.S. Same Ole Linkedin

Nov 18, 2022, 7:20:35 AM Business


In the realm of the job seeking world there are countless job sites, search engines, email lists and the like. Fresh out of college graduates as well as interns and current students on an often basis flock to these sites and with great hope sign up on the lists hoping that someone, somewhere will heed their calls and acknowledge that their skills and abilities will match that of the needs of potential employers leading up to the upper echelon cream of the crop top 50 companies in the US and worldwide. However the truth of the matter is that just a resume on Linkedin or an email list simply never equates to anything.

.Linkedin without a doubt is an excellent site on which countless employers have the ability to search and find the very best candidates within a certain field of employment. Job seekers alike also have the ability to post their shiny polished resumes and most perfectly crafted up to date cover letters on the site while also having the ability to check daily job listings as well as search potential opportunities within respective career fields. This is a great thing, -something that everyone should have at their disposal.


A great thing that everyone should have at their disposal, yes, indeed most job sites are just that. Success rates of the would be job seeker are whatever they may be however, like most sites that success rate is fruitlessly low. Why you may ask? Simply because Linkedin as a platform is mostly catering to those who already have jobs and are in the position to hire or promote their coworkers and company with their latest accomplishments. Linkedin and other such sites are a good, not bad thing but a thing is just a thing. Things do not bear fruit. This is a common misconception among those whom are trying to find an opportunity, the truth of the matter now days is that Linkedin has become a job board serving as an extension of the workplace breakroom where information can be exchanged while sharing news of their own and fellow coworkers accomplishments.

I am only sharing my own viewpoint here, those who feel that Linkedin is something else than what I perceive it to be very more than likely would say something quite to the contrary. However, my point in sharing my own experience is that Linkedin mostly is used by bosses and human resources personnel during the week per quota, perhaps unintentionally but the reality is that Linkedin is hardly anything more than a social during midweek job network.  

If you are young and have stunning credentials certainly there is no reason you should not use Linkedin as well as the numerous job sites that offer job searching services. Despite this, as I have, you will more than likely find that towards the end of the week you will receive the most responses.  Whether or not you took that math, writing or knowledge aptitude test the person who has the title of Human Resources will nine times out of ten say that the position has been filled by a better candidate and on many Fridays leading into the next Monday not even tell you how well you did or didn’t perform on the skills test that you took the time to complete.

What is the point? Nothing really but an employer not interested in hiring you will not tell you that. He or she simply wants to see whether or not you are the next new Bill Gates Elon Musk prodigy. Posting a resume is always a good idea however relying on Linkedin as a network is no good.

Based on my own experience the best way to go about finding a job is building rather than reliance, if you have credentials, skills and expertise needed by an employer 2generally, that employer will find you. Aside from employers who are seeking the skills and expertise that you may have, most candidates must find the person who needs them the most. Having a profile on Linkedin helps, however one must always stay pro active in finding that dream job you always wanted. .

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola

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