The Push Under Night Cover

The Push Under Night Cover

Mar 8, 2021, 9:30:36 PM Creative

The Push

Under the cover of night

Metal rattling


The numb stinging

Shadowed tinted firelights

And all I could see

Shots in the dark

Machine guns sparks

Some would fall

Some would stand strong and tall

All is in nothing

When all seems worth nothing

Blood running in the snow

Gunshots illuminate the dying’s eyes’ fearful glow

Grenades blast man tanks with fury

The line falls heavy behind

As fireballs blast the dirt raising dust clouds with flurries

Eyes look high weary within their surprise

One more push

Into orange rage

One more test of blind faith

Memories only to fade

Slowly against the pain

Loveless wars never beckon

Nor the endless trail of remembered, unforgettable

Heartbreaking blood stains

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola

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