What Lies Ahead

What Lies Ahead

Jun 8, 2021, 1:38:22 PM Creative

                What Lies Ahead

Tell me baby

How you want to be

Together or alone

With or without me

Turn away say goodbye

My heart surely would bleed

Don’t give up now

We can see where this will lead

A dead end road?


A land of fantasy

We can be happy

Surely you must agree

Leave the sadness behind, brighter days are to come

No reason to be lonely

Take my hand

Lets sail the open seas

Temptests may come

Together we’ll retreat

Without each other

What would life be

Empty wrought with misery

Thoughts of what could’ve been

An endless mystery

Take my hand

This opportunity must be seized

Together we can have bliss

for our fate lies in you and in me

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola

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Rick Oct 9, 2022, 4:45:28 AM

This is about Wesley Fleming, Isn't it?

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