Career and Scope of Health Science

Career and Scope of Health Science

Aug 25, 2021, 3:18:50 PM Tech and Science

"Health science "– this subject is focused on health. Health care, health problems & solutions are the core matters of these subjects. There are multiple academic disciplines related to it. The STEM disciplines (EPSM) emerging patient safety disciplines (which can be also explained as social care research) - both of these disciplines are related to Health Science. The everyday tasks and responsibilities of a Health Sciences professional/staff are very noticeable. But a Health Science professional needs to have excellent communication skills and strong attention.


Education, Scopes and Career opportunities in Health Science:


The education procedure and path to grab a successful career in Health Science solely depends upon the individual's desired career goals.

 Those students, who are trying to be Physicians, will have complete four years of undergraduate degrees in the Health Science subject. Then it will be followed by medical schooling of another four years and, after that, they have to persue three to eight years of internships and residency programs (as per their specialisations )

On the other hand, the career of a Physician’s Assistant asks typically to have an undergraduate degree followed by two to three years, leading to a master’s degree. Almost every professional careers in the fields of Health Science certainly requires a post-secondary degree, where many organisation asks to have a master’s degree.

MHS (Master of Health Science) programs are considered a scrumptious option for the students, who are interested in making their career in Public Health, especially emphasised the specific area of Science. The MHS helps open up the doors of different career options for the students who already have a Bachelor’s degree. MHS programs usually cover –

Healthcare systems and strategies, Evidence-based practices, Research methodology, Health and medical ethics, Communication and technology in Health, Trends and issues in health, etc., are the essential components of this course.

●      Works in the field of Health Science:

Here are some of the primary responsibilities and duties of two major popular Health Science occupations:

1. Patient-oriented (Audiologist)

2. Research-oriented. (Medical Laboratory Technician)


1. Audiologist:

The specifications of an Audiologist include - prevention, identification, assessment, and treatment of hearing deprivation.

Roles and responsibilities of an Audiologist are -

A. Direct working with problems related to vertigo, dizziness, etc.

B. To prescribe, dispense and prepare hearing aids.

C. measure the hearing balance of the patient using an audiometer, computers, etc.

D. to maintain medical and business records monitor the patients with excellent communication skills such as -linguistic exercise, lip-reading, etc.


2. Medical Laboratory Technician:

These employees usually work in a hospital, nursing home, private clinic, doctor's chamber, and research laboratory. Medical Laboratory Technicians are often monitored and supervised by a Medical Technologist or Physician.

The everyday duties of a Medical Laboratory Technician include:

A. Arranging tests that can help a physician diagnose and treat diseases.

B. Analysis of different types of body fluids and keeping the records of significant findings.

C. Fluency in operating different lab equipment, computers, microscopes, cell counters, etc.

D. To train and Supervise other lab technicians, maintain clean and well-sanitized surroundings, etc.


A career in Health Science: Job opportunities & prospects

There are vast numbers of Health Science courses available in different colleges across the India and Globe. There are several career options available in the fields of Health Science as the demands of Allied Health Professionals are increasing day by day. India has a considerable number of well-trained Medical and Health Professionals throughout the world.

The career scopes and jobs in the Health Science fields are-

1. Dietitian,

2. Pharmacist,

3. Clinical Psychologist,

4. Medical Lab Technologist,

5. Radiologist,

6. Optometrist,

7. Medical Record Technologist,

8. Nurse,

9. Diagnostic Imaging Technologist,

10. Anesthesia Technologist,

11. Radiation Technologist,

12. Chiropractor,

13. Health Administrator,

14. Medical Imaging Professional,

15. Optometrist,

16. Exercise Physiologist,

17. Community Health Practitioner,

18. Nutritionist,

19. Anesthesia Technologist,

20. Microbiologist,

21. Nuclear Medicine Technologist,

22. Dialectologist,

23 Osteopath,

24. Occupational Therapist,

25. Biomedical Scientist,

26. Assistant Physician

27. Speech Pathologist.


Professionals in this field usually work in - Hospitals, Health Care Centers, Schools/Colleges/ Universities/, Public/Private clinics / Research Laboratories, etc.



The subject of Health Science is significant and increasing day by day. There are many job and career opportunities available in this field. In the above article, the list of Health Science courses, chances, scopes, and career opportunities are discussed.

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