Expert advice on B.Tech VS BCA

Expert advice on B.Tech VS BCA

Oct 18, 2021, 11:44:03 AM News

After completing their 12th students are much confused about which course to choose and which graduate degree is better, BCA or Btech Expert always advises that before deciding, they should understand both in detail. BTech is an undergraduate program and is a technical degree having a wide range of subjects associated with engineering and technology. It has many specializations counting civil engineering, biotechnology, chemical and mechanical. BA is a bachelor’s degree with a focus on the IT sector. Computer science is its main foundation, and students get knowledge about programming, hardware, software etc.

Difference between BCA and BTech

·      BTech trains students for computer engineering, and BCA offers knowledge about computer applications.

·      After the completion of the course from the best BTech College, BTech graduates get all detailed knowledge of both hardware and software. But, on the other hand, BCA graduates after completion of the course became expert software programmer with expert knowledge of scripting and programming languages like Java, PHP, C++etc.

·      BCA is a 3 years undergraduate course, and BTech is a 4 years undergraduate program.

·      Btech will assist students in being proficient at the technical level, and BCA will make you an expert at the application level of computers.

·      To get eligible for BTech, students should appear for the national level entrance examination like JEE.

·      For BCA admissions, BCA colleges may or may not conduct the entrance examinations. However, many top BCA colleges do conduct entrance tests of simple questions.

·      After clearance of entrance examinations, BTech students can pursue any branch as per their interest, counting biotechnology, electronics, civil, biomedical engineering, CSE etc.

·      To enroll in Btech programs aspiring students should have well JEE scores along with good marks in 10+2 with PCM. On the other hand, BCA students require good grades in any of the streams to get admission to top BCA colleges.

BCA specializations and BTech specializations

Many best colleges are offering BCA specializations. Visit the website to know more about BCA fees. There are many BCA specializations available in India, the most common among all it BXA data Science and BCA Data analytics. Some specializations are

·      IT technologies

·      Internet Technologies

·      Network systems

·      Music and video processing

·      Database management system

·      Management information system

·      Computer graphics

·      System analytics

BTech specializations

There are many BTech specializations available for students from which they can choose as per their interests. Some are:

·      Aeronautical engineering

·      Mechanical engineering

·      Computer science engineering

·      Textile engineering

·      Robotics engineering

·      Biotechnology

BCA and BTech job prospects

Generally, BCA graduates pursue for MCA and look for jobs in the IT sector. Students with BCA degrees start as a junior programmer and then step forward at higher ranks as Senior Programmer; in India, the IT industry is on the rise, and BCA graduates can get opportunities in many companies. BCA graduates should complete MCA to give a great push to career. On the other hand, the BTech course is very much popular among students who bring the knowledge of sectors like mechanical, computer science, electrical etc. after BTech degree students can get a job easily as quality engineers are in high demand in every sector. There are plenty of jobs for everybody in India as the country is an important outsourcing hub for clients from the UK and the US.

BTech graduate can be a job as

·      Graduate engineer trainee

·      Junior software engineer

·      Software trainee engineers

·      Research analyst

Whether students choose BCA or Btech, many top colleges in India offer quality education to aspiring students. Visit the website to get more details on top BCA colleges and top BTech colleges in India.

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