Important things to look forward to in IPL 2022

Important things to look forward to in IPL 2022

Nov 23, 2021, 4:02:57 PM Opinion

IPL (Indian Premier League) is an exciting tournament that is highly anticipated among cricket lovers across the world. Even the foreign players look forward to play in this league to make a long-lasting mark among their fans. Every year, there are some intriguing contests which never fail to keep its fans at the edge of their seats.

Over the years, IPL is offering amazing opportunities to cricketers and their fans. Additionally, IPL also offers amazing cricket betting opportunities to its fans. The best online bookmakers offer IPL betting prediction tips and more to make the game more exciting.

 There is no doubt that IPL is one of the most celebrated T20 leagues in the world. Every new edition of IPL matches comes with a twist and excitement. The 2022 IPL season is supposed to have 10 teams. Previously, there were 8 teams, and now 2 more teams will get added. The addition of new teams will widen the opportunities for the new players.

IPL 2021 edition is over, but fans don’t have to wait for long as the tournament will start soon in 2022. The IPL 2021 matches were played in UAE and the coming season will be played in India only. Amidst this, a few rules are also introduced which make IPL matches more fascinating.

Here are some important rules which can be implemented in IPL 2022:

1.   8 runs for the sixes over 100 meters

Wow, sounds really interesting! Isn’t it? T20 games are always full of excitement and action-packed performances. And, this shorter format game is just incomplete without those gigantic boundaries. And, you know it’s always a matter of boundaries which can change the fortune of T20s. Hitting the ball over 100 meters requires a lot of strength, and the batter who does this must be given some advantage. Thus, giving 8 runs to a six hit beyond 100m is a rule which could be brought in soon to make the tournament more enthralling. This will also add some extra fun to IPL betting. Further, these tips will also be offered by the best prediction sites along with IPL online betting tips.

2.   An extra over for in-form bowler

When a batter is in form, he has the opportunity to play the entire innings. However, even when at his best, the bowler just gets 4 overs to bowl. But in IPL 2022, the in-form bowler will get that extra chance to bowl more overs. Increasing the number of overs by the in-form bowler may make the game trickier as the batter have to face more bowls from the lethal-looking bowlers.

3.   Power surge

T20 tournament is all about the momentum which decides which team will dominate the proceedings. The initial 6 overs are crucial as if the batting side makes the most of it and on the other side, if the bowling team chimes in with crucial breakthrough, it will help them to hold the game. The power surge rule is interesting in IPL. It was introduced in Big bash league in 2020-21 where six over powerplay is broken into two parts of four and two. The first 4 overs will be at the start of the inning and batting team is allowed to take the other 2 overs of power play in second half. This will be followed in IPL 2022 which will largely affect the match results.

4.   Penalty for slow over rate

The slow over rate is something affecting the T20 matches for really a long time. The teams are expected to complete their inning in the given time. But sometimes, it doesn’t go in the same way and teams are penalized for the same. Does imposing a fine really resolve this matter?

In such case, adding five extra runs to the opposition team’s total will come to the fore. A fine might not hurt the team the way these 5 runs can. It will be going to change the fortunes of the game.

To know more about such rules and IPL 2022 predictions, visit the website of top bookmakers. These bookmakers will give you chance to place successful bets on IPL matches.

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