List of 7 Best CBSE Schools in North Kolkata

List of 7 Best CBSE Schools in North Kolkata

Dec 18, 2021, 3:48:30 PM News

The task of selecting the Best CBSE school in North Kolkata for your child is very difficult as well as challenging. It is the most vital decision for a child’s life as their future entirely depends on it. If parents have decided to apply now for admission, they must consider many factors in terms of faculty, location etc. Without any research, how will you know that the school is best for your child. To help you out, below are some points that we have shared with you that you should consider before applying for admission.

Ways to choose best CBSE School

Parents nowadays are very interested in providing their children with quality education, and for this, they keep on searching for the best CBSE schools in North Kolkata. However, you should select the school for your child after considering some important points. Below are some tips to help you to apply now for admission to the best CBSE school:

•   Schools must have an excellent academic reputation, and this is what makes a school the best out of many. The academic track record of the school and the awards gained is what determines the excellence of any school. There are many schools that feature in the top 7 best CBSE schools in North Kolkata, and this ranking is based on the school’s academic track.

•   Parents must check the infrastructure provided by the school as it plays a vital role in the development of children. You can visit the website to check the facilities provided by the CBSE School to students. These facilities help to create a rich learning environment.

•   Top CBSE schools in North Kolkata will invest proper time and effort in the overall growth of their students. They encourage them to partake in various extracurricular activities as well as completions.

•   Parents should check the fees structure of the school before the selection, as good CBSE schools will always focus on quality education. Many CBSE schools in North Kolkata provide quality education at nominal charges.

Best 7 CBSE schools in North Kolkata

Parents should plan wisely when selecting the best schools, and they need to stay updated about the best CBSE schools in North Kolkata. Parents must search well before they decide to apply now for admission in top CBSE schools. The right school offers the best curriculum and which assist holistic development. CBSE is ranked at the top owing to its insightful and liberal syllabus, and it also has affiliation in around 21 countries. Below we have listed top CBSE schools in North Kolkata to narrow your search for the best school:

1.   DPS

2.   Mount Litera

3.   Adamas World School

4.   North Point Day School

5.   Dayanand Public School

6.   The New Town School

7.   Birla Bharti School

Why is the CBSE curriculum best for your child?

Choosing the best CBSE school will be the best decision for your child as the CBSE curriculum offer many long term benefits. Some are discussed below:

   CBSE curriculum is considered as student-friendly as it promotes interactive learning to students and ensures that they feel interested and not overburdened. CBSE curriculum textbooks have many activities that help students learn in playful ways.

   CBSE exam pattern is designed in such a way that students have a thorough understanding of the concepts. The questions are prepared in such a way that they can test in-depth knowledge of students and which they can express in their own way.

   Almost all entrance exams in the country are based on the CBSE curriculum, which is what makes CBSE above all. Students who passed their 12th from the CBSE board can easily crack exams like JEE, NEET, NET etc.

Adamas World School is among the top 7 CBSE schools in North Kolkata that offer quality all-around education and prepare students for higher education. They prepare children to do their best in whatever field they are interested in and prepare them to face life's challenges. The school offers many facilities, including transport, campus, safety and security and student care. Beyond the classroom, they also offer many co-curricular activities as they understand that it is vital for the overall development of children's minds and bodies.

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