Why INIFD Vashi for Fashion Designing Courses in Navi Mumbai

Why INIFD Vashi for Fashion Designing Courses in Navi Mumbai

Oct 18, 2021, 5:30:09 PM News

The global rise of jobs in Fashion Designing is attracting young people to go for the courses that provide exposure to international trends in the fashion industry. If you are one of those students who would like to experience world-class education, then you should choose one of many popular fashion designing courses in INIFD Vashi. This is one of the best institutes that provide international education to students who want to have a career in the field of fashion designing. Following are a few benefits that you get if you apply for admission to one of the top design colleges in India.


1. Plenty of courses to choose from

Government Diploma Course, Degree Course, Masters Course, and the opportunities to study are infinite. You can go for any course of your choice depending upon what kind of education you want to get. Each course is unique and will guarantee you knowledge of fashion design from different perspectives. So, you should read more about the courses that are provided by the institute and then select the one that suits you best.


2. Best for practical experience

As you may already know, getting theoretical knowledge is one thing but when you go out in the job sector you come across a lot of work situations and challenges that might look alien to you given that theory doesn't help much. Many institutes don't pay much attention to provide students with practical experience. In INIFD, you'll find a lot of assignments and projects that will help you to get a work-like experience. In full-fledged degree programs, industry training is included as a part of the course curriculum so that you can get experience working in the fashion industry.


3. International exposure

If you want to get international exposure from the authentic popular fashion universities in the world, then the institute is the right place for you. Here, you will get the experience of the global fashion industry. This will also be helpful when you'll build your resume as almost all big fashion brands give preference to people who have international exposure to work.


4. Campus placement

When you get a degree from a good institute, you know you have better chances of getting placed in a good company. With time, INIFD had seen a rise in students getting good placements. Many popular companies visit the campus at the year-end to take the best students and give them campus placements. So, if you want to get a job right out of college, then you should join INIFD.


As mentioned in the paragraphs above, there are so many benefits of doing a course in fashion designing from INIFD Vashi. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the students get guidance from the staff that has fashion industry experience for years. They prepare students in such a way that the students are able to grow their careers and finances. Even if you wish to get a job abroad, then think about getting an education from INIFD as it provides you exposure to the global fashion trends and work environment. So, it will be easy for you to get hired by big fashion brands globally. The fashion industry welcomes everyone with a good taste in creativity and if you develop the necessary skills and talent then you will reach good heights in the fashion industry.

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