5 Proven Benefits of DevOps Testing Services

5 Proven Benefits of DevOps Testing Services

Jun 14, 2021, 11:26:45 AM Tech and Science

DevOps centers around streamlining and automating a software delivery lifecycle. If your organization wants to deliver software products efficiently and accurately, then DevOps is the key. A successful DevOps QA strategy begins with the agile practice of continuous integration, where the code is checked multiple times a day in a shared repository. 

With the idea of improving collaboration and communication between operations and development teams, DevOps has broken the barrier to boost the shift-left testing paradigm (speed-up the testing processes of software containing complex code structure). Now, let’s take a look at 5 key benefits of using DevOps testing services to support the agile software development process:

Better Stability

The development team takes care of new features, and the operations team is responsible for stability. As a result, there would be inevitable delays and arguments between both teams. But in the case of DevOps, both aspects are handled by one team. Due to this, testing new features of the software becomes fast, efficient, and simple. 

It becomes easier to detect errors and bugs in the software because of the shared codebase. As a result, you get instant feedback, which allows you to solve the problem before it becomes complex.

Seamless Collaboration Between Teams

A key for agile software development is seamless communication and collaboration among business, development, and operations teams. DevOps facilitates the environment where multiple teams work together by breaking down the silos among Dev/Ops/QA teams. It’s beneficial for both  - your business as well as your employees.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

The continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines are built for your teams to integrate and develop code rapidly. It leads to an overall improvement in quality, faster releases, and efficiency gains. DevOps testing services are about adopting the agile best practice of CI, where engineers check code in a shared repository multiple times a day. Every check-in then gets verified by an automated build, enabling faster errors and conflict detection.

Faster Time to Market

One of the best approaches to accelerate the software development process is by implementing DevOps. It enables quick and continuous feedback. The operations team has to create a test environment for testing a new product, which consumes a lot of time. But with DevOps, you can speed up the release of your software features and upgrades via automated testing and integration.

Better Security

Cybercrime has increased in the last few years, costing millions of dollars worth of data breaches. That’s where DevSecOps comes in to take care of the security part of your application. It is an extended version of DevOps core components of operations and development. DevSecOps introduces a dedicated security component in the pipeline, which allows you to track and detect security issues in the early development stages. You can access iterations 200 times faster and recover cycles 24 times faster by implementing DevOps techniques.

Wrapping Up

The technical and business benefits of DevOps testing services are massive. A reliable DevOps QA strategy and successful implementation can streamline your software development process and end-to-end delivery pipeline. QASource has a professional team of engineers who have experience working within DevOps and its fast and smart environment. If you want a trustworthy approach to support your DevOps for a faster release cycle, contact us now.

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