The Future of Dating Apps is AI-driven?

As the dating app industry continues to boom, which is evident from the fact that more than 250 million users found love via dating apps in 2020, developers have a golden chance to stay competitive by getting the best from the latest technologies. Online dating has become the new norm as more than 40% of people in the US are using online dating, and around 70% of couples are expected to meet online in 2040.

On top of that, if you look at the impact of COVID-19 on the online dating industry, the numbers look significantly promising. Almost all the dating app companies, including Tinder, Priyanka backed Bumble, QuackQuack, OkCupid, and Crush Dating, have seen an increase in the sign-ups and chatting activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some clocking a whopping 140% rise in subscribers.

Looking at the broader perspective, the online dating industry’s transformation has been consequential as a feast of AI-based dating apps is redefining the matchmaking process.

Having 11+ years of experience in dating app development, mobile app consultants at TechAhead believes that when a plethora of industries are leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, there's no reason why digital dating industry be left behind?

Future of Dating is Artificial Intelligence

Swiping through endless profiles is a thing of past as developers are leveraging machine Learning within the dating apps’ algorithms to make the matching process much more advanced and smoother.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a major enabler for dating applications to continuously innovate, evolve and solve users’ critical problems in the most efficient way. Persistent innovation and creativity are the main pillars for creating the next big evolution in how people meet. The technology considers your past behaviour and preferences, in-app activity and, based on the data gathered, offers you the most relevant matches.

AI has a significant role to play in transforming the future of dating apps. It will not only help smartphone users escape information overload but also help bring relevance to their experience. Sean Rad, Tinder’s co-founder and CEO, believes in the next five years, the smartphone devices will be smart enough to give you the best match with minimal searching, scrolling, and swiping.

AI facilitates easy filtering by connecting dot-to-dot for each user to find the perfect match based on your age, gender, hobbies, personalities, tradition, and social media. Additionally, AI helps dating apps detect and remove any malicious accounts or activities by scanning these accounts with hidden patterns.

Virtual Reality (VR) Dating

Though high-end features such as swiping, location tracking, and algorithms have propelled most of the online dating apps, it’s pretty clear that companies must leave no stone unturned to improve the dating experience for their users.

With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, modern dating is a far cry from the courtship our previous generations experienced. VR-assisted mobile dating provides a more personalised dating experience. It not only rekindles memories but also helps develop new connections, experiences, and emotions with anyone, anywhere on the planet. VR Chat lets you interact with users worldwide while giving a feeling of being in the same room. 

DNA Matching Buzz

Though seemingly weird, DNA matching is becoming a thing in the online dating landscape wherein a sample of a person’s DNA is sent for analysis which is then aligned with the most suitable match from a scientific point of view. By now, only a few apps use this technology such as DNA Romance but considering the potential of DNA matchmaking; it will inevitably grow big in the future.

TechAhead being the top dating app development company, reckons that dating apps are certainly here to stay, and with AI and related technological advancements, the online dating industry will completely transform the current matchmaking process. TechAhead being a global leader in mobile platforms and having 11+ years of expertise in delivering robust mobile apps from Fortune 500 companies to startups, can help you dominate the online dating industry with a scalable, future-proof dating app. Reach TechAhead’s mobile app development team with your specific requirements to transform your idea into a viable app.

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